Before 10am

5 am wake up call

(I wish I could put that darn bird on snooze)

look out of the window

no sign of the slumbering winter sun

steal some extra moments in the blanket

alarm clock( groan)

(switch off ), slide out of warmth

quick shower

soft music, prayer of gratitude

time to savor the splendor

of  yet another glorious day(before it ends)

inhale the radiant prana of life

exhale the impurities

breath, deep and easy

wrapped in silence

still the inner

A ritual of solitude

a pit stop for soul

first light of the sun

filter through the dewy trees

stretch like a cat

laptop blinks

new emails, updates overnight

greet the world , stop the urge to chat

switch off

Alarm shrieks from boys-zone

a reality check

door bell rings, mobiles ring,

rush hour begins

A quick coffee, breakfast for boys

hurried goodbyes

all three men out by 9

peace returns

( a brief period of solace

warmed by fresh hot coffee

and a quick peek into virtual world)

phone rings and rings and rings

(let it )






8 thoughts on “Before 10am

  1. 5 a.m.!!!!????? Ritu faints with shock!

    lol, I usually wake up between 4 to 5 . Old habit Ritu but stay in bed. This darn bird starts to give out a shrill cry around 5. It is difficult to ignore. 😦
    No point lingering in bed after that and I miss the meditation routine too. I catch up a nap in daytime :).


  2. Monika faints next to Ritu..

    5 am seriously?

    LOL well Monika , it is an old habit, dad used to say one must get up with the first rays of sun. we as kids used to be happy in monsoons and winter :p but if you get into a routine it is at times irritating also. WTH I do make an exception at times by tucking in again sometime . 😀 if it is an off day for kids. Hubby usually goes by 6:30 or goes in the afternoon.


  3. Very well written Tiku 🙂
    Esp. greet the world , stop the urge to chat- Ha ha! gud one 🙂

    hehehehe Swaram if one opens the laptop it is damn addictive. nahi?


  4. Cute Tiks. BTW, that was my phone you let ring and ring…:( 😛

    LOL PK .. if you run away from chat you get ignored. That’s the rule 😀


  5. 5 AM???? Only one word for you RESPECT!!!!

    What time do you sleep in the night to ensure waking up at 5??

    Rofl on “all three men out by 9”

    😀 I usually turn in by 11 max. This 5 am thing sometimes shifts to 5 :30 :p .. sometimes I cover my ears with pillow and say it is still dark , sleep a little while tiku 🙂
    and then I stare at the ceiling with eyes wide open 😦 but stay put in the bed 😀


  6. well, my mom’s routine is like that since AGES..( may be 24-25 years) ..

    Keep Enjoying …the morning Sun & your morning Raga!


  7. Am just 30 mins behind u, Tiku. 🙂 I love those quiet moments, in the home, before everyone is up. That quiet cup of tea, by the balcony is certainly so inviting.

    Oh yeah, I think I know that bird….there used to be one near my bil’s house, starting to make sounds very early in the morning.


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