Between Silence And Words : Poem

Suspended between   silence and words

quiescent  I watch

Someone just drifted past me

even more silently

all colors, shapes, weight, sounds  lost

just a fleeting sense of being

A Relief

One can be alive

amidst this


but alive

words for once remain quiet

silence whispers

manifesting its existence

I float between two shores

two worlds

one of tangible objects

and the other

silent, unknown and hardly graspable

I yearn for an unfolding

no direction

no final destination

just a gentle swing

between words and silence

and a feeling of denial

3 thoughts on “Between Silence And Words : Poem

  1. lovely peom..loved the way ‘someone just drifted past’ what a feeling. and was ‘words for once remain quite’ actually meant to be read as ‘Quiet’, or am i imagining things.. sorry if i offended you


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