Waiting :A Poem

There are some blueprints

tucked away In the dark  crevices

of the workshop in  my mind


Some unfinished songs of desire

A  few broken melodies of pain

and some unending verses

wrapped in trauma of separation


Maybe we were  never meant to be together

and were destined to move away from each other

The disharmony,

the  asphyxiating  silence

and a abrupt ending


We said goodbye  and went our separate ways

without a sigh

but our story  continued to blossom

between the earth and the sky


In different lands, in different arms

A perpetual  ache  plagued  us

We  became restless

Seek each other where ever we could

in whatever we could

Our  nights became  haunted

by the ghosts of yesteryear

Our  days  mundane

monotonous and soul less

gaped at us like bottomless pits


We  began to crave

crave for some drizzle of love

amidst the dryness and melancholy


Wedded to different people

we led  a difficult life

How our heart-strings

got tuned to each other

we know not


It was a rough pathway

we  had carved

Writing became our passion

Through our words

we  began to compose and create

visions  of longing and togetherness

around us


We  danced, sang,  made love

with our poetry


Words took wings and

began to soar  from one continent to another

Our emotions began to travel

to meet in perfect harmony

in another place , another time

filling the empty spaces

of our lives


Each moment  an irreplaceable miracle

brimming with hope

and those long forgotten  desires


We poured out our hearts

sang the sweetest songs

and then slowly and silently

we drifted apart


I began to hear

the echoes of my own words

All that I composed came back to me

tired, bruised, rejected


And now

I sit amidst the splinters of my dreams

with some thoughts of you

tear-stained and crumpled

folded in my lap




Just in case..










15 thoughts on “Waiting :A Poem

  1. I often feel that we humans lead a far too complex life in terms of physical movements and personal friendships. Anyway, this one touched me. I think you may have made a leetle spelling booboo, unless it was intentional (in which case smack me!) – you’ve got ‘ubrupt’ for ‘abrupt’.

    Thanks for all the poetry and posts! Most enjoyable. Now, if only someone would cover us in gold for all this hard work…


    Thank you for appreciation PG (old333). I did make a booboo 😀 ..corrected now. What would be life without its complexity 🙂
    Oh I would love that very much. Poetry is the future as you say :). I remember that .
    Do read the other poems please and help me on this poetic journey .
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Keep coming back for more.


  2. The hands that wrote this beautiful, touching poetry deserve none less than shower of kisses and praises. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, JUST AWESOME !!!!

    Thanks So much Vishal . this was very heartwarming.


  3. Your peotry touches the deepest of chords with the simplest of words. Do you realise what magic you have in you?The power to evoke feelings in unknown people and make them live the passion through your verses. I wish there was something we could you to make you happy, for a person who maked others lives richer deserves each aspiration fulfilled.
    Thanks for sharing your feelings with us

    Thank you Na welcome to my world. I am glad my words touch someone so much. I share what I got. Many poet friends contributed to my evolution. Your warm words just made me so so happy . hugs


  4. Very touching. I know how difficult it is to write poetry. So I never try. You have written so beautifully. Amazing.

    Thanks so much Aparna . your words mean a lot.


  5. [I sit amidst the splinters of my dreams
    with some thoughts of you
    tear-stained and crumpled
    folded in my lap]
    love these lines !
    Beautifully written ! so glad i stumbled acrross ur blog !

    Thank you Ruchira .Welcome to my blog. I am happy to find readers who are so touched by my words. keep coming back for more. hugs


  6. I read these lines on your blog few days ago and ever since they have been resonating in my mind, so I came back to tell you how beautiful you wrote and how deep these lines of yours touched me.

    Hi Parul welcome back. I feel happy as a writer to evoke such emotions. Makes my day. thank you so much.


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