Street Symphony

I hear voices in my head
They counsel me
They understand
They talk to me

The song played softly as I went for my evening walk today. It was late and I decided to stay close to home. Although the lane was full of kids of all shapes and sizes I maneuvered my way and managed five leisurely rounds.

It is very interesting to watch these kids while their mothers and care takers engage themselves in healthy bitching about various people ranging from MILs to some young servant in the next lane.

I switched the music off when I realized that the loud street symphony was making it hard for the voices in my head to do their job.

There was this little chap who resembled a tiny Slim Shady with his colorful clothes and funny street hip hop dance . He must have been around two years of age but a great entertainer. 😀  Standing in the middle of the lane  with  finger pointing in the direction of  his young mother and her bitching partner he was performing a gibberish song .

It went something like zzzzzzbbbeeehhhhhhhooooooozzzzoooooo (loud) ttttooooooooobbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddmmlllllll

This whole thing was accompanied by a spot hip hop kind of infant dance.

An Awesome performance 🙂 Not really enjoyed by the disenchanted caretaker who  silently  gazed at nothingness, oblivious to all of us.

I looked at my elder one for some help .

“What do you think he is saying ?” I asked

Parce que j’ai le jeu, mes chiennes !!


” coz I got game, bitches. “

He explained.

My loud laughter shook the young woman and brought her back to reality . She gave us a stare and  kid walked away.

A little ahead a group of small girls in various attires was jabbering away senselessly . I wondered how  they manage to listen and talk at the same time at such speed. (They start young, don’t they 😀 )

I could just catch some broken words  like

” doctor” “teacher ” Papa” “Mummy”  “naaaah” ” stop” “wait wait” ” (claps) ” school” ” boys” ( giggles) “shut up” “movie” and all other jumbled up  girlie talk.

They jumped up and down like yo -yos  creating  yet another noisy street symphony which seemed to follow you even whenever you went.

The mother of that infant hip hopper and her bitching partner had meanwhile decided to take a stroll along with us. Just ahead of us they exchanged their tearful sagas of being harassed housewives. I was surprised how easily the cuss words came. After every outburst  came a few words of advice and encouragement to fight it out boldly from the listener while the talker went on about what kind of rotten egg her MIL is .

I skirted past them and breathed some fresh air.  The fire-breathing dragons continued  to cherish their bond while we moved on to find the infant again performing at high pitch in front of his home. This time alone. He stopped to look at us as we smiled and ruffled his curly hair.

Suddenly the bicycle gang arrived  spoiling our walk on the moonlit road and to add to our woes they began to do stoppies and drowned all the other voices by their shrill bells and shouts.

We leaned against the parked car and watched the chaos . Adi decided to add some music to the already existing cacophony and switched on his mobile song player at full volume.

Amidst all this noise pollution my eyes caught sight of the most dreaded female of our lane. The staring monster of a woman who resembles Mrs. Trunchbull (Matilda) .


I saw Adi turn around and run upstairs . I knew  what caused this sudden escape but I was determined to give it back to her  this time. So I stayed and stared hard at her as she passed me by. One hand on hips and one swaying by her side.  I kept staring at her back knowing she would turn and she did . I loved the puzzled look on her ugly face.

Smiling I ran up the stairs and gave a high-five to Adi.

I learned a lesson : Never go for a walk in the lane between 6 to 7 unless you want to submit your mind ,body and soul to the devil.


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