Wordless Wednesday – 30


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 30

  1. You found the gramophone in your storeroom or found the picture on internet?

    Nethra , this is a small showpiece someone gifted to us. I like it lots. 🙂 .It doesn’t work though :).

    We have one in the village but my FIL is not parting with it and bringing to Delhi. The persuasion work is in progress 🙂


  2. Hw I wish I had somebody to persuade too! I sooo wanna own one 🙂 Gud luck to u 😉

    Swaram you can buy at big music stores. At least in Delhi I have seen .I think I saw it in the Cottage Industries Emporium in CP.


  3. Wow thats an awesome piece…I wish this was in working condition…One of my uncles have one which still works and he has some old tracks too 🙂

    Prats this is a tiny thing ,not an original one. can’t play. The one we have in the village doen’t play either but I wanted him to get it coz we have the LP’s and I could get it repaired.


  4. I want a gramaphone the one which works and I can endlessly play records on 🙂

    and I love the rangoli in ur header, u made? if yes than I am ready to faint

    Thanks Monu, I did not make the rangoli my dear . It is an internet picture. I just cropped it to fit the header lol.

    You can buy a new Gramophone from Music stores that sell intruments like there are some in CP. or sometimes at Janpath shops.


  5. Wow..except on movies I’ve never seen anyone using a gramophone, leave aside playing one of my own :(. I so want to own one. You’re so lucky, Tiku 🙂

    Deepti this is just a miniature . The original is at the village of my inlaws. will try to get that and see if it can be repaired .
    I wish I had one that played .


  6. wowow now that is something worth looking at again and again ..

    and something of a treasure you got.. would fetch you a lot of money here in uk 🙂 trust me .. a friend paid 200+ to get one of those old style ones…

    and as @Reema asked does it still work…


    LOL Bikram this is a miniature showpiece , doesn’t work. It was part of promotion at Maurya Jazz Bar. We have an antique one in the village. I know it will fetch lotsa money 😀 but I want to repair and keep it as treasure .


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