I found some papers

in an envelope

labelled ” children “

colorful memories

where letters danced,

hopped and skipped with joy

amidst little flowers, crazy birds

trees sprayed in red,  green, and yellow

some drawings with  little houses and ponds

stick figures that smiled from ear to ear

( really big ears at times)

and others dipped in color of love

tiny finger prints,  a full hand

or feet that felt so soft and warm to touch

first splashes of crayons ,

lines, shapes , words

spidery wisps,spirals and

then a little bolder ones

drawings with labels

action figures , family and friends

animals and birds

a little train

chugging down the track

A child’s kaleidoscopic world come alive

abstract, magical, surreal

I smile fondly and remembered

when he tiptoed to the fridge

looked around and quickly

taped a new art , (watercolors dripping)

waiting to be discovered

by me

that precious moment

when I hugged and kissed his masterpiece

and his eyes twinkled

with a feeling of joyous pride

those days  they never come back

but they leave their imprints

in rainbow colors fragrant with love


Before 10am

5 am wake up call

(I wish I could put that darn bird on snooze)

look out of the window

no sign of the slumbering winter sun

steal some extra moments in the blanket

alarm clock( groan)

(switch off ), slide out of warmth

quick shower

soft music, prayer of gratitude

time to savor the splendor

of  yet another glorious day(before it ends)

inhale the radiant prana of life

exhale the impurities

breath, deep and easy

wrapped in silence

still the inner

A ritual of solitude

a pit stop for soul

first light of the sun

filter through the dewy trees

stretch like a cat

laptop blinks

new emails, updates overnight

greet the world , stop the urge to chat

switch off

Alarm shrieks from boys-zone

a reality check

door bell rings, mobiles ring,

rush hour begins

A quick coffee, breakfast for boys

hurried goodbyes

all three men out by 9

peace returns

( a brief period of solace

warmed by fresh hot coffee

and a quick peek into virtual world)

phone rings and rings and rings

(let it )






Photo Theme For Thursday : Veils That Shroud God

It is time for Thursday Photo challenge and this time the theme is “WEATHER” (Snow, Sun, Cloudy, Rain, Lightening, Rainbow, Tornado,…)

G.K.Chesterton once said , “There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.”

I could not agree more with him.

Clouds are my favorite and whenever I look at the sky I remember those childhood days when we used to lookout for shapes in the clouds. Times change , perceptions change and now I see much more in these beautiful creations of nature than just figures.

The first song that comes to mind when I think of clouds is  Joni Mitchell’s “ Both sides Now

Here are some cloud pictures I took last year.

I wonder what are these beautiful crows saying to each other while they watch the winter sun melt on the western horizon .

I leave you with the thoughts and these beautiful cloud illusions .

Between Silence And Words : Poem

Suspended between   silence and words

quiescent  I watch

Someone just drifted past me

even more silently

all colors, shapes, weight, sounds  lost

just a fleeting sense of being

A Relief

One can be alive

amidst this


but alive

words for once remain quiet

silence whispers

manifesting its existence

I float between two shores

two worlds

one of tangible objects

and the other

silent, unknown and hardly graspable

I yearn for an unfolding

no direction

no final destination

just a gentle swing

between words and silence

and a feeling of denial

Waiting :A Poem

There are some blueprints

tucked away In the dark  crevices

of the workshop in  my mind


Some unfinished songs of desire

A  few broken melodies of pain

and some unending verses

wrapped in trauma of separation


Maybe we were  never meant to be together

and were destined to move away from each other

The disharmony,

the  asphyxiating  silence

and a abrupt ending


We said goodbye  and went our separate ways

without a sigh

but our story  continued to blossom

between the earth and the sky


In different lands, in different arms

A perpetual  ache  plagued  us

We  became restless

Seek each other where ever we could

in whatever we could

Our  nights became  haunted

by the ghosts of yesteryear

Our  days  mundane

monotonous and soul less

gaped at us like bottomless pits


We  began to crave

crave for some drizzle of love

amidst the dryness and melancholy


Wedded to different people

we led  a difficult life

How our heart-strings

got tuned to each other

we know not


It was a rough pathway

we  had carved

Writing became our passion

Through our words

we  began to compose and create

visions  of longing and togetherness

around us


We  danced, sang,  made love

with our poetry


Words took wings and

began to soar  from one continent to another

Our emotions began to travel

to meet in perfect harmony

in another place , another time

filling the empty spaces

of our lives


Each moment  an irreplaceable miracle

brimming with hope

and those long forgotten  desires


We poured out our hearts

sang the sweetest songs

and then slowly and silently

we drifted apart


I began to hear

the echoes of my own words

All that I composed came back to me

tired, bruised, rejected


And now

I sit amidst the splinters of my dreams

with some thoughts of you

tear-stained and crumpled

folded in my lap




Just in case..










Silence : Short Verses


My silence stops

at the threshold of your silence

touches it softly

and for that split second

reminiscent  I live




your silence drips like raindrops

on slanted window of my parched heart

and then slowly slides away

leaving a trail of memories






Me To You : Short Verses


A fleeting touch of your shirt

Just before we parted

Crisp lavender cotton

warmed by your heart

A fragrant memory I still carry

on my fingertips




In those moments  of loneliness

when your silence quietly comes

and stands  beside me

to watch the day merge into the night

I curb my urge to even feel its presence

lest it finds me intruding

and moves away



I swirled and danced in a drunken haze

spinning with euphoria of my love for you

But now all that is left is a hangover

Memory of you

and pain