Thursday Photo Challenge – Messy

The theme for Thursday Challenge is “MESSY” (Children, Rooms, Garage, Yard, Disorganized, Hair,…)

Well although I could have clicked anywhere at random in the Den 😀 as the boys prefer to call it  but then they would have strangled me for it.

So I decided to do something sweet.

Messy hair . Who plays with the doll in your house Tiku ? You will ask :p

Well , Actually no one. She is the daughter I never had 🙂 .

Very messy indeed.

Look at her hair.. Kids I tell ya !


Isn’t she adorable. 😀

12 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Challenge – Messy

  1. 🙂 Wow thanks all for showering so much love on my little girl. She sends hugs and kisses.

    🙂 Swaram beti says she won’t be so cute if not a little messy 😉


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