Wordless Wednesday – 27


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 27

  1. wow lovely there is something abt antiques isnt it

    Thanks Monu Yea it is an old German clock . I am digging out some antiques. Will do a post about all of them. This must be at least more than 75 year old.


  2. शेवटी
    किंवा त्यांच्या
    “हातांत” काहीच नसतं…
    फुटक्या आयुष्याची चक्र
    एकांत एक
    अशीच फिरत राहतात…

    Ekdum khara mantla tumhi
    mala khupas anand jhala Suranga tumhi majhya blog visit kela ani itki chan kavita lihli


  3. We always forget the hardwork behind moving hands….thanks for this Tiku. 🙂 Good piece of clock….and good click too… 🙂

    Uma this is is my FIL’s clock .A German make. It’s alarm still runs ;D and gives out that shrill cry lol
    I will be posting more of such things in next two posts.


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