Fauna Visitors : Voracious Feeders

To caterpillars everywhere and the butterflies within them.

I discovered a lovely pair of green caterpillars on my money plant. Within a day they devoured all the top leaves. As it an old plant I am planning to let the love flourish and watch them turn into beautiful butterflies. It is a miracle of nature and we are ready to witness it.

Look at the perfect camouflage. Amazing , isn’t it ? At first I thought they were part of the stem . The false eye is so clearly visible. Most of the caterpillars have cryptic colorings to protect them from predators.  They are good source of protein. Sometimes they even mimic the plant parts they feed on, like thorns or some other markings.

The whole plant is slowly turning into a storehouse of their droppings. While we happily clicked the damn thing kept eating merrily and discarding the waste at the same time. Within minutes the whole leaf was gone.

I don’t know if this eating machine will become a moth or a butterfly but it is happily hogging day in and day out on my precious plant. Hopefully I will be able to capture some more stages of its growth. One doesn’t know when a bird will sight it and it will become nutritious food suppliment for the lucky birdie. 😀

My gardener is surely going to give them a quick death. Let me see if we can manage to cut some stems and feed them in captivity. Maybe in a glass jar.

Facts :

Caterpillars have about 4,000 muscles (compare humans, with 629). WOW 😀

The average caterpillar has 248 muscles in the head segment alone.

Well I didn’t know that. A quick web search provided the info. I still don’t know the name of this pair so if there is someone who can give me the scientific name for these please  leave a comment.

How Soft a Caterpillar Steps By Emily Dickinson

How soft a Caterpillar steps-

I fond one on my Hand

From such a velvet world it comes

Such plushes at command

Its soundless travels just arrest

My slow-terrestrial eye

Intent upon its own career

What use has it for me


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