HUI : The Feature I Wish My Smart Phone Had

Some days back  I was a normal person with an idiot phone but on my birthday I felt like an idiot with a smart phone 😀

The more I review the situation the more I am convinced that my phone though smarter than the previous one  definitely lacks certain features.

Let me take you back to the 11th of October.

Me – “I am fed up  of this idiotic phone Damn it  and am gonna buy myself a smart phone”. I said holding a beautiful  glossy picture of a latest smart phone with touch screen and QWERTY keypad.

My sons looked at me with concern.

‘Mom sab theek ho jayega.  Everything will be ok”

I  knew what they were hinting at.

“ what? Do you think I won’t be able to handle the phone ?” I asked.

Kid # 1 –  “ Mom , it is a smart phone and you live in dark ages with an idiotic phone . It is beyond you to even type one single message or browse through the menu with a sensitive touch screen. How about buying a  simpler one”.

Kid # 2  was still rolling on the bed laughing like a hyena .

I was truly pissed off and took it as an insult to my intelligence.

“No way . I will gift myself  this and prove to you morons that I am not technologically challenged . Got it?”  I said in a firm confident voice waving the magazine at their faces.

They kept laughing and cracking “ My mom and her smart phone”  jokes .

Little did I realize that what ever was  happening at that moment was going to turn into reality very soon.

I spent a fortune , got the phone and tried browsing through the menu.

The boys waited for their chance .

“ Err, well, I will get used to it soon .  you just watch “ I said in response to their amused “ we told you” look.

“Yea sure  , maybe in another lifetime. May be you should just pass it on to us”  Kid #2  remarked.

“No way . “ I growled.

I asked my kid# 1 to help me learn to use the phone but failed miserably .

Holding  my brand new smart phone in my hands I stared at the tiny keypad and wondered how in God’s name I will get used to typing one correct message .  The boys too realized that the “ mom with smart phone” joke had gone too far and something ought to be done to bring the cheer back.

Kid #1  : “ Mom cheer up I have something that would revolutionize the smart phone and make it easy for old women like you.” He grinned.

I was furious but let that “Old woman ” thing pass.

“Right away? “  I asked looking interested. I was ready to do anything to learn the trick.

“ Not really  but look at the this “.

The pictures  made me forget the gleaming phone .

Boy , I loved what I saw.

I may be challenged in using these toys but I sure am tech savvy as far as the information goes  😀

Kid #1 a self confessed techno freak was impressed  and we embarked on a journey  to create a futuristic Holotouch smart phone.

“Just imagine mom if your phone had this feature “, he said with a naughty grin.

My heartbeat increased as I dwelled on the thought.

Holographic  User Interface

[ Image to show the Holographic Technology.]

A Holosmart phone will make all these applications a lot more fun and easy to operate  by simply passing a finger through holographic images of what would otherwise be the keys of a keypad or keyboard.

The thought opened a whole new window to the exciting world of futuristic smart phone , my dream phone.

Over  cups of coffee we  began to list the ultimate features this one change can bring in a smart phone . Kids were excited and so was I.  A good bright resolution and efficient power supply will make this work beautifully.

Holomenu will  offer easy navigation  of my menu. Opening various menu options , selecting and shuffling music and video files, viewing the photo albums.

Almost everything will become an awesome experience with this path breaking feature.

Holomessaging   : With the key board dwindling and shrinking below the  normal finger size Holotouch will make the keypad larger making it easy for typing. HoloTouch will enhance comfortable, reliable operation.

Easy interactive Holocalls  : Won’t it be fun to talk face to face  with someone you love 😉 ?

I think it is a cool thing and as we discussed more on this feature we realised that  doctors  can use the Holotouch feature  for number of things while in operating rooms or at places where keyboard contamination can cause harm. It can be used by professionals in many other fields.

Imagine giving a beautiful high-tech presentation in a room filled with top-notch of your company or clients.

Rocking , I would say. 

Hologaming with total 3d interface : I love this concept for the sheer thrill of playing games with a 3D effect on a much bigger surface area. Imagine what wonders it can have for gamers who can have a full-fledged gaming experience right there in the phone with all the effects.

Holovideo for viewing all  your  favorite videos on a bigger screen with a better clarity.

Holonet for all your surfing needs.

HoloNav which is a GPS and an active traffic navigation app. I always seem to lose my way and  Holonav will be a cool feature to see your place and the right way to your destination on a larger map.  I find this special because while on nature trails and outings this will prove to be great help.

Some other  feature I would love in my smart phone are:

AUI audio user interface

which offers Voicelock feature and Voiceengine feature so  that it unlocks doors  and starts my car. One major  plus point of this feature will be  that it can be used where the Holotouch feature can not be  used effectively , like in crowded places. Both these features can be combined too for a perfect smart phone Techno experience .

Retinal scanner

that acts like an unlocking feature. A much more secure way because no other person can use it apart from the user.


Active face recognition which tells us the basic info abt the person when a photograph is clicked under this feature.  ( 😀 No harm in letting the imagination run wild , Right? )

Highly optic touch screen and Highly flexible Fold and keep style

High definition  photography with DSLR type picture quality

This is a must .

For all of us who are  passionate about photography this feature will be a boon. No carrying big equipment, just take out the phone and enjoy what you love doing best. Take awesome photographs.

Am I asking for too much ? No, I don’t think so . When we talk of futuristic smart phones , we  need to have that one special feature that makes it smarter than any other regular smart phone.

Kid2# brought the yummy chocolate cake and said, “ Happy Birthday mom”.

The joy was irreplaceable.

I ought to patent the idea and mint big money I guess 😀 .

All those who include these features in your phones  remember its my idea.

I decided to write about this experience exclusively for Share Life blogger contest and to master the art of using a smart phone.  I had given myself a smart gift and I was ready to use it to its full advantage.

I am participating in Share life Contest (sponsored by Tata Docomo under the category ” The Feature I wish My Smart Phone Had. ” Please promote my entry on Indivine if you think it is worth winning.

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26 thoughts on “HUI : The Feature I Wish My Smart Phone Had

  1. Yesssss! I want a holophone too! This is an awesome concept!

    Thanks Ritu. I and you will be smart n savvy soon. Dream big so you can realize your smaller dreams dad used to say 😀


  2. At last your entry 😀
    Loved the post as usual, though I’m a bit confused about the holographic keypad tho 😛 Technically it seems a bit far fetched 😛
    But the best of the lot is FaceWiki is really an amazing idea, we need it! Everything from facebook id’s to twitter handles 😛 That way we needn’t scurry around for the contacts of those hot chicks at the party, we can just click and 😀

    Good one 😀

    The holotouch keypad is no big deal Pawan . On can use the holo feature and with one touch the keypad will pop up. You think it is far fetched ? No my boy it isn’t . Wait for a few more years and am sure they will come up with something like this if they haven’t so far. I think there is a holographic phone somewhere 😀 We just don’t know it.
    Anyway I believe that nothing is impossible so I want the best in my smart phone.

    On other note is it not really smart if we imagine a phone with these features?


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  4. You know this reminds me of Angela in Bones who’s a computer expert and uses a holographic interface to run algorithms or pictures to identify possible suspects and victims. Nothing seems to be wanting in the feature list of your dream phone.
    Definitely voting for your post!


  5. Good Luck for the contest!

    Your kids sure know how to pull your leg!

    I didn’t get you TBG ? Yes they are fun but this sure has a potential or you think it is one of those wild imagination posts 😀 ?


  6. I still can not get myself to get a phone with a QWERTY keyboard. And that means, I am also old school.

    🙂 I am waiting for my BB from Indiblogger and I bet I will master it fast just to prove it :p


  7. Your DSLR-in-a-phone wish has been answered. Check out Nokia’s smpoking new offering N8 with a Carl Zeiss T lens 12MP camera…. It compares really favourably even to the heavyweight Canon EOS 550D 18MP DSLR…

    Yea I know Sid . 🙂 I want it in my dream phone with all the other features along with it .:D


  8. areeee baaapppree :O
    Holo thing sounds interesting 😀
    as far as no bong comes n says ki holo 😛
    isshh..okktoo much 😀
    eeeeeeeeeeee 😀
    lovely post Tiku 😀 😀

    eeeeeeeeeeee Meghana 😀 😀
    So many happy faces I love them all.
    Ki holo LOL I love it when you comment on my post. hugs ❤


  9. 🙂 he hehe good kids .. so what phone did you buy then 🙂
    and your idea simply awesome i hope you patent it for it will happen and then you can make lots of money 🙂

    Bikram’s Blog

    🙂 Thanks Bikram. my visit your blog is due .. over due I should say.
    I hope someone tells me how to patent this officially I am making it patent here . you all stand witness to it 😛


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  11. hihihi liked your imagination especially the facewiki part 😀
    Lovely post 🙂

    All the best for the contest 🙂

    Hai na ? 😀 I loved doing this post.
    Thanks so much. Welcome to my blog.


  12. Well, only a fool wouldn’t want a holosmart phone with it’s wonderful features. I was wondering how much it would cost if a phone had all the above mentioned holo-features. How much ever it might be, it’s surely tempting.

    Me likes.. 🙂

    thanks Nethra 🙂 I am sure someone will gift us the phone for suggesting, promoting and loving the idea 😛 . It sure would be a dream phone 🙂


  13. This Idea is the bomb!! Who wouldn’t wanna own a phone like dis….
    Great concept..will be waitin for this…
    Kudos to the post 🙂 🙂


  14. WOW !!! Thats a list of lot of features. When I get a phone in future with a similar feature, I’ll remember u Tiku. Patent them all…. 🙂 🙂

    All the best for the contest. 🙂

    The boys are total LOL !!! All kids treat their Mom like some inferior technological geek !!!!


  15. Ooohh… I love the extent of your imagination… plus the awesome ideas… especially loved the retinal scanner… aaah… we watch too many sci-fi movies and programs these days… anyway, great post!!

    Cheers 🙂


  16. Ooohh… I love the extent of your imagination… plus the awesome ideas… especially loved the retinal scanner… aaah… we watch too many sci-fi movies and programs these days… anyway, great post!!

    Cheers 🙂


  17. Ooohh… I love the extent of your imagination… plus the awesome ideas… especially loved the retinal scanner… aaah… we watch too many sci-fi movies and programs these days… anyway, great post!!

    Cheers 🙂

    oops… I forgot to provide my url in the earlier comment…


  18. for small screen 3D gaming without glasses now its available in market check for nintendo 3DS
    This is mj from nokia 5800 touch phone 🙂


  19. for more such scientific stuff refer star wars movie. I want a light saber. Ok lets talk about reality now samsung has come up with a phone galaxy beam it has a projector in it. Cool na. then holotouch is underdevelopment search for skinput then for 3d i told nintendo 3DS. Then nokia is tryin to bring up with wireless charger, it will use to capture microwaves in air and convert it to electriccity for charging.


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