Photo Theme For Thursday :Wired for sound

The theme for the Thursday challenge is “MUSIC” (Singing, Dancing, Playing, Instruments, iPods, Concerts,…)

I love music and thought of taking this  photograph which will take you through the musical journey beginning from Records( LP )   to cassettes and then CDs .

I have some very old records which were played on Gramophone. Smaller than the normal records. I think they are tucked away somewhere and during my search I found the three western music records of 731/2RPM made by Indian Gramophone Company.

Kids were excited to know all about the old system of music playing and their granny was all too eager to explain :D.Meanwhile I clicked my photograph entry for the challenge. These days even DJs play on Digital mixing equipment I think , hardly anyone uses Turntables.

I will try to find those precious musical jewels and do a post again sometime.

Here is  today’s photograph




9 thoughts on “Photo Theme For Thursday :Wired for sound

  1. Wow! That’s simply cool… now-a-days, the LPs are so hard to be seen! Nice take on the theme! 🙂

    Yea these are an old collection. We don’t have the Gramophone .There was an old one in the village but its sound box is gone now.


  2. Me like this…LP are a rarity…how do u have them still ????

    And I’ve that Bacardi Blast and ABBA too !!!! 🙂 🙂

    Uma these are my FIL’s He has lots of them but doesn’t care to keep them so we have taken charge .

    same taste in music.. I like it 🙂


  3. ahha the goold old days with the records… i have such a good collection of them such old old one and
    U a abba fan WOWO… me tooooo and tom jones

    Bikram’s Blog

    Wow you should do a post on them Bikram , that would be cool.

    And hey Uma .. these three records are a gift from someone to my hubby hehehe sorry for mixup. the smaller variety which I could not find are my FIL’s ;D


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