Thursday Photo Challenge

I love to post for Thursday Photo Challenge and with Technology as theme I decided to do a little fun post  and add a video also .

World’s 1st Speaking Newspaper Ad in Times of India For VW Vento

One day my morning ritual of reading newspaper came with a big surprise . The moment I settled down with a hot mug of coffee and opened the paper it began to speak. Shocked, I almost spilled the coffee and said WTF ..and turned the paper to find the culprit 😀

Then followed a lot of fun. I think it was a very imaginative innovative  piece of technology.

“German Auto giant, Volkswagen, delivered a distinct advertisement campaign in the Indian newspaper History to promote their latest Vento Sedan. A black audio device, pasted on the left side of the page, starts playing the audio advertisement automatically when a reader turns a page to see the advertisement of Vento. It turns off immediately as the reader goes to another page. This ground breaking campaign is being seen for the first time in India, debuting in the mainstream newspaper ”Times of India.” ”

I posted the video so that all those who missed the fun can click on it and enjoy :D.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Challenge

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  2. oh god u know the tech was good… the bloody didnt stop working at all…

    threw it in the raddi and ojas brought it out, put lots of water on it but it still worked…

    stamped it… i even jumped on it but it was on in my house for 3 days round the clock before the battery gave up

    sigh ojas loved it


  3. how are you!This was a really brilliant post!
    I come from milan, I was luck to seek your website in wordpress
    Also I obtain much in your theme really thanks very much i will come later


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