Photo Theme For Thursday : School

School is the theme for  this Thursday’s photo challenge for fun and I wasn’t sure what to put  here  but then discovered some lovely pictures in my son’s Facebook albums. It is such a joy to see these carefree ,smiling faces hanging out together. Friendships that begin and blossom in the corridors,classes and canteen of school and  stay on forever.. These kids are best of friends and ever ready to pose for a photograph.

My younger one took this pic  and when I questioned him why they were hanging out in the staircase? He said ,”  Mom , it was break time and we just wanted  to have some fun “.

That day  they did have lot of fun LOL . The picture tell the story

I am glad that kids still find time to  chill out between the pressures of studies and other things.

7 thoughts on “Photo Theme For Thursday : School

  1. awwww, this is so cute!

    And to think in our school days we never had digital cameras or mobile phone cameras to sneak into school and click pictures!


    Seems like a fun gang! You’re blessed Tikuli!that my boys have

    Yea I feel great that my boys have best of every thing, a cool set of friends, the school life is not so stressed, there is a lot of fun in the school .
    Adi has passed out and joined college but the friends come over and have a ball. Shubhang has done a lot of such sneak peek things lol this gang rocks for sure
    thanks Tbg


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