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He found the  deathly silence of the Morgue calming. The odor of the dead was the most erotic thing for him. It fascinated him

His eyes sparkled as he ran his fingers over the naked cold body of the beautiful woman  lying on the slab in front of him. He always treated  them lovingly, gently. He was in no hurry. He was the only attendant on duty and the world of the dead was his.

His eyes scanned her voluptuous body. Stunning. She did not deserve to die   or may be she did. He grinned.

He bent and inhaled deeply, instantly getting an erection. He loved to have them fresh, before the burial. He had a taste and preference for his sexual partners. She was brought in just a few hours back. An accident victim.

He kissed her forehead and softly said,” My bride, tonight I am your bridegroom ” and then he began to remove his clothes.

Slowly he lifted and placed her on the floor. Then he began to make love. First gently and then in his usual brutal wild way.

Euphoria taking over him completely as he devoured the ravishing body under him. His mouth was on hers when suddenly he stopped. Something was not right.

He stared at the face of his victim and to his horror felt the warmth slowly return in the woman’s body.

He had been through the ritual many times to ignore this sign.

He wanted to move but couldn’t.

Fear gripped him for the first time and he wished his trusted partner was there tonight but there was no one except the chilling silence.

Then to his horror she began to breathe. He screamed and pulled himself away collapsing on the floor near her. He thought he was hallucinating when he saw her move her fingers.

His face went pale with fear as she opened her eyes and turned towards him.

A shrill scream echoed in the morgue as she saw a naked man lying next to her in dark cold vault like room.

He tried to move as she ran towards the door and out of it but his body seemed as if it had taken roots.

Return of the dead .

He thought it only happened in the movies.

The police found their most wanted necrophile collapsed on the morgue floor in a state of shock.

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54 thoughts on “Return

  1. oof.. what a way to catch a criminal! a different return… from the dead, and it nearly killed the fella too..!

    all the best for batom, tikki.

    Thanks Leo but this wasn’t a planned criminal pursuit :). He was doing his usual stuff.. sometimes dead do come alive 😛


  2. Okay so the woman was sent as bait on purpose by the police? or was it really a return from the dead?
    In any case… a terrific write-up tikuli ji! All the best for BAT.

    P.S: Somehow you remind me of Pawan’s writings. 🙂

    Samadrita Please read the story again. She is dead and not a bait. thanks for visiting my blog 😉
    P.S : LOL pawan and I and many of us may sound similar .. all sold their soul to Satan you see 😀


  3. That was simply great.
    Return of the dead 🙂 – a different take on the RETURN theme and that too in the form of such a different story..:)
    nice read.

    Thanks so much Tuppence .. I am glad you enjoyed reading it .


  4. Wow!

    That is a cool one Tikuli. I always get to read cool stuff whenever am here.

    Of course I could not ever manage to write like that, but I would have had a slightly different end to it. Maybe I wanted to see the ghost factor come in. But you let it remain all human (I suppose). But of course, that’s your article and a great one too.

    Good luck.

    Thanks so much Kshitij you write very well. I have read your work :). Yea I would have loved the ghost factor too but then
    My idea was to tell readers about the clinically dead who sometime miraculously come alive. She is declared dead , in the morgue , waiting for burial. He is a necrophille who loves to have sex with the corpses so the shock nearly kills him when she returns from dead 😀


  5. Wow!
    And I think I should say Wow again. Raw, gritty and beautiful. You’ve held the suspense beautifully till the last line. This is the first thing I’ve read today and you’ve made my day!

    Great story 😀

    Thanks O! Lord of the dark ;D .. am glad you liked it Pawan.


  6. What a twist in the tale ! The living and dead swapping places. It is also really interesting to see people exploring something as wierd as necrophilia.

    Thanks Karthik . It is adventure to explore new things, new ideas and send a message across too.


  7. Eeeekksss!! Scary!!
    Competition for the Dark Lord Pawan 😉
    Well Written but I’m still squirming in my seat… 😛
    All the Best for BAT – 14!! 🙂

    😀 that’s what it was suppose to do :). glad you liked it
    Thanks Rumya 🙂


  8. Whoa that was one scary post.
    The details were hard and fast. Loved the speed of the narration. all in all a gripping read.

    Thanks Saurabh .. am delighted and may convert it into a bigger plot now


  9. Scary, thrilling and very interesting.Must say you narrate really well.Liked your unique take on ‘return’.
    All the best!

    Thanks so much Jaspreet . welcome to my blog. do keep visiting .


  10. Thanks Tikuli. Yes, I understood your point. 🙂 Different. Probably ghost wala would have been normal.

    Your blog doesnt let me respond to my original string…

    yea Kshtij I dont know how I can change the settings to make that happen 😀 .. thanks again buddy


  11. Hello Tikuli,

    Freakkkkky! Now that made an interesting read! Fast paced and eerie. Classic example of, ‘the hunter becomes the hunted!’ 😀 ATB with BAT 🙂

    :)Thanks Raksha


  12. Oh WOW !!! Me love this one, yet scary at that moment. How do u get such plots for stories ??? My God, Tiku, you are too good. 🙂

    Hi Uma thanks 🙂 I do a lot of research for my stories . these are subjects from our society some hidden some undiscovered because people don’t know much about them. internet is great source of info 😉 .. I read lots online on things I have heard of and then something evolves 🙂


  13. THis is soooooooo unique and interesting a story! I like the story line!

    What a way to catch a criminal! The dead woman was just a bait to catch that necrophile!

    Good luck for BAT Tiku! I really like your take!

    Hi Thanks for liking the story. She is not a bait. She was an accident victim and this man worked in morgue so an easy target for him. Necrophilles dig up graves, commit homicide or violate corpses from morgues to satisfy their lust.
    He was shocked to see her come alive and she just did not understand what happened . People do come alive sometimes.
    that’s the miracle of life. Human warmth and touch has that effect. I thought it was evident from the story. Read again. 😉


  14. Whoa! Tikuli! that was some post!!!!
    Gripping, with the perfect dose of suspense and details…

    Its evident from the post that she was extremely surprised and shocked to see the naked man beside her; so she was not a bait at all. I think, people misunderstood because of your concluding sentence.

    I love the way you experiment with all sorts of genres. Each one of them turn out to be a master piece.

    What happened to the ‘Soch Lo’ contest? I loved your entry there..

    thank you so much Debosmita . I am glad you loved the plot. Yea I guess the last sentence makes it different but the post needs to read like you did and some others too 🙂 . I am loving this thread too 😀
    I won the Soch Lo contest.. BlackBerry is still awaited. 😀 hehehe


  15. Somehow this post reminded me of the movie “Kissed” (1996). Excellently narrated, the end is what makes it more intense! I’m not much here and now I’d make it a point to be here often!

    All the best for the contest Tikuli! 🙂

    I have not seen ” Kissed” , will do. Thanks Sourav. Cheers and welcome to my blog


  16. A scary post, what a trap was that.. Suspense at its best..

    –Someone Is Special–

    Thanks SIS 😀 it wasn’t a trap by the way. Welcome to my blog 🙂


  17. Great plot, scary and eeeks too!

    But a very different take Tikuli.



    Thank you so much and welcome to my creative world .
    Best to you too


  18. saying WOW! would be too little to say about this post… it was so gripping throughout and the end just swept me away… outstanding work Tikuli…. just brilliant… keep them coming!!!


    hehehe thanks Tavish I am so happy it was appreciated. Though many felt she was a bait or it was a trap which it wasn’t . She was as astonished as he was 😀 maybe more 😀
    Cheers !!


  19. well, to me it was clear she wasnt a bait… but yes, the end was so unexpected that I had to go back and read the last part again to understand ke hua kya tha… hehe

    and am back reading it again…. and am commenting again… so I guess now u know how much I have liked it 🙂

    Oh Thanks a ton Tavish. It is a pleasure to have readers who give their honest opinion. Thanks again for visiting and leaving your heart print


  20. Beautiful plot !! Perhaps in the process of making love, the necrophile pumped her heart accidently and kissing as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation brought her to life. So necrophilia eventually paid off !! Nice story…….awesome take on the topic ‘return’ !!

    🙂 Perfect. I am glad to have you on my blog dear Binzy. Do keep coming back for more. Thanks do much for appreciation .


  21. WoW! That is one helluva story! Justice from the Dead 🙂
    Kudos at such a brilliant take! 🙂

    🙂 Thanks so much Kevinyide . Welcome to my blog
    Cheers to you too!!!


  22. woooaaaa that was an awesome story 😀
    its very different … and brilliantly narrated … and yeah creepy too 🙂

    Hi Rajlakshmi
    welcome to my blog and thanks for warm appreciation. Cheers !


  23. Ewwww…that sent a shiver down my spine!

    Brilliant narration, Tiku. Good luck for Bat 🙂

    thanks so much Deeps 🙂 A pleasure to have you here


  24. Necrophilia is gross really.
    You’ve chosen a very unusual and unknown topic, and a job well done. Wonderful narration.

    I know it is uncommon here and not many people know about it. I wanted to experiment with the dead coming alive and this blended very well I guess 😉 thanks Karthik


  25. WOW. An unusual theme mixed with the most unexpected kind of twist. Disgusting and chilling and very gripping! I loved it.
    All the best for the BAT.

    Thanks so much D2 . Welcome to my blog . I wanted to do something very hat ke 🙂 glad you liked it


  26. U sure she was dead?
    Coz for a moment it seemed as if she had momentarily gone into the afterlife but returned due to the the body warmth or maybe the exertions that he forced upon her.
    Either way, a brilliant piece of writing ! Just loved the storyline !

    Well it could be afterlife I don’t know , no one does .. clinically declared dead.
    Thanks for appreciating Brijender


  27. For me tying the Necrophile to afterlife/return of dead/dead was a clincher, almost as if it was a revenge of the dead upon him.


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  29. Killer… So the necrophile hands himself over to the cops.

    P.S. Does necrophilia count as a crime? Just asking out of ignorance.


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