No Frill Oven Baked Bread Pudding

Last few days my Laptop was in ICU 😀  and I was having withdrawal symptoms . The boys suggested baking and I decided to make a quick bread pudding.

This  is a very simple yet delicious pudding that can be eaten hot or cold as desired. A fabulous fragrance of nutmeg and raisins  and the aroma that fills your senses while it is cooking  is killing……hmmmm no wonder it is a hot favorite with us all.

I do not trim the edges but those  who don’t like them can trim the slices of bread and cut them in triangles or smaller squares.

Ingredients :

Bread slices – 8

Margarine or butter -30 grams

Full cream milk – 1 cup

Eggs – 2 large

Milkmaid or any condensed sweet milk – 1/2 tin ( 200 grams)

Nutmeg – 1 pinch

Raisins  – 1/2 cup ( coated in flour or they will burn )

Method :

Start by trimming the edges of the bread  or if you like them then just cut the bread in triangular pieces and butter them slightly on both sides.

Arrange the slices in a layer in an oven proof dish 8′ x 6″ is good enough.

Beat the eggs and blend together with milk, condensed milk and nutmeg.

Pour the mixture on the arranged slices of bread .

let the mixture get soaked properly. keep for five minutes  and then bake in moderately hot oven ( 160 degrees)  for 30 to 40 minutes or till the top becomes golden brown .

take out and if you can turn it over  do that and put it again for five to ten minutes for that extra golden glow on the other side  but if  you have impatient boys with bottomless pits as tummies then it will look like this after removing from oven 😀

Before I knew the pudding was out  in a box and brutally attacked . leaving behind something which resembled nothing that I know

This tastes wonderful and I am sure you will enjoy making it  as much as my kids enjoyed eating it ;D

Have fun . 😀 😀


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