An Autumn Sunset

Temple bells fade

Fragrance of jasmine blossoms

rises slowly

intoxicating the evening

My gaze

follows the hills

bathed in unusual shades of colors

meandering green hues

vibrant wild flowers

and fluttering prayer flags

reaching out to  heaven above

Amber light of setting sun

begins to merge in the lake below

making it shimmer like molten bronze


fires of

illicit desires

Your thoughts travel

between our silences and words

your voice sings

emotions at pitch

I hear it clear

sensuous, delicate

robbed in one sense

but returning elsewhere

stronger, richer

I listen to the wind

softly blowing

whistling through the trees

I watch

as it rustles

and caresses each leaf

rolling beneath the twilight sky

I feel my heart slipping away

chasing the shadows

in the dark woods

Borrowing words from your old song

I  fill the emptiness inside

and escape into another world

6 thoughts on “An Autumn Sunset

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  2. Staggering. I read this as if a person had just died, and the narrator is sensing their continued existence.

    I don’t get the layout very well. I actually had to copy and paste the poem into pure text, so I could read it better. But this might just be because I’m dense. I guess you use capitals to convey a new stanza … I’m still thinking about this.

    But no, the images here … the play of loss and yet a kind of continued presence … wow. Fantastic. Haunting.


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  4. I’d like to add – I kept living for years despite our separation, like a corpse awaiting a burial 🙂
    Beautiful words Tikuli ,More power to your words 😀


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