Thursday Photo Challange

The Forbidden Fruit

The theme  for Thursday Photo Challenge is creativity and I could not resist posting this lovely work by my son.

This beautiful painting was created in Adobe Photoshop CS 4 using the simple soft brush and some basic filters.  You can see all his work on his site  Dark Star , the paintings are for sale if anyone want to use and are copyright protected. You can contact him at

Please encourage the boy and leave your suggestions . They are valuable and will be appreciated .


10 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Challange

  1. WOW Tiku,
    like I;ve said befor eyour son is extremely talented. I am a graphic designer myself and I know how difficult it is to achieve this effect through Photoshop. It is quite a task but it is fun too..And I thnk ur son is enjoying it..
    U must encourage him to master these skills…
    😀 ATB to ur dude!


  2. ah! feel like having a bite!! too good!
    let me earn some more money, ur son will have a buyer in me sometime soon 🙂
    best wishes for him!


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