It feels good to be a Blogeshwar :p

When I saw the  Blogeshwar page on Facebook it made me smile 😉 .. Nothing can beat the feeling of being appreciated by the readers and to win the Blogeshwar title twice in the first edition is certainly an awesome feeling.

Two of my posts won in  Blogeshwar 1.o

Here are the links

It pyz 2 enrich ur wrd pwr 😀 Lingo fkd

(Humor )


Being a daughter, old age and the empty nest


Will pick up some more books later 😀 greedy me :p

Thank you so much for this jesture of appreciation for my writing .

Thanks Himanshu Shekhar .

I got my gift from flipcart today . A book I wanted to read and add to my collection .


Will post the review after reading.

Thanks again to all my readers , judges ( Pankaj Batra and Stephen aka ‘Ste ) and friends.

Time to cuddle up with the book and a aromatic mug of coffee . 😉

6 thoughts on “It feels good to be a Blogeshwar :p

  1. Many congrats, Tikuli 🙂

    I was a huge Dan Brown fan untill I read his Lost Symbol ;-P I am eagerly awaiting your review 😉 😉


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  3. cool! congrats!
    i have read just one by dan, the da vinci code, it was amazing..
    finished it in a day 🙂
    morning to night, just that, it was that addictive


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