Struggle : Haiku


stifled , silent cry,

ripples  echo  life song

an unsung struggle

{Say NO to Female Infanticide }

Originally I had written this as a Terset but changed it to make it into a Haiku . Here is the original one  .

stifled cry, silently screaming, ripples

echo a song of life, a death unsung

struggle for life cut short

*image courtsey Google*

13 thoughts on “Struggle : Haiku

  1. WHOA!!
    Tiku..this is very moving, truly meaningful, absolutely thoughtful 3 lines..The most beautiful Haiku Ive read in ages!!
    Double thumbs up!

    thanks so much Vibhs .. The issue is so close to heart and need all the attention.


  2. This is a beautiful and moving piece. I like your haiku and the terset is stunning and makes your thought complete. It is important to value life and you’ve captured this voice perfectly.

    Thanks White Girl . The issue is something we must all do something about. All lives are precious and unique and should be treasured


  3. This is so very good Tiku!

    How do you conjure up beautiful thoughts and give it life in words?

    Thumbs up! You’re a master of creativity! 🙂

    Thanks Amity .. 🙂 just something that flows from within. Welcome to my blog .. keep visiting


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  5. u come up with such good imageries tiks..
    the dying ripple with a song of a life cut short!
    i have never tried haiku, dont know if i ever would, but this one was beautiful.. 🙂


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