Smoke Rings In The Dark

Lay down beside me

on the soft moist grass

Let’s gaze at the smoke rings

swirl and drift

lazily in  night

Roll it

light it

Inhale together

the mixed aromas


and then

slowly exhale

Under the hazy veil

comfortably numb

float upon darkness

let go

shed all inhibitions

feel the warmth

seep slowly

rings of smoke



holding on

like my longing

to be with you

A feeling unexplained

whispered to the trees

and carried by the wind

Memories glowing

like an ember

and then

blown away

visions of you

in shades of blue

fading and merging

rising and falling

and then

rising again

I try to find

a spark of the flame that was

but all we have now

is a dream

turned into

smoke rings in the dark

Let me  kiss you

one last  time

for soon the dawn will break

and love will show us the way

to our separate graves

and I’ll gather pieces of my heart

and leave behind


the smoke rings in the dark

(image courtesy

this is not poetry , it is prose run mad

13 thoughts on “Smoke Rings In The Dark

  1. Oh, this is so beautiful. After reading this, I could imagine every word turning into reality when I closed my eyes. Brilliant. Thanks to you.

    Thanks Vishal .. hehehe smoke up .. :p I had been wanting to do this for a while ..nostalgia you see 😉


  2. That is as mad as the smoke rings.
    Insanity and puffs do give one wings.
    Loved the way you personified smoke,
    And yarned a tale with fervent strokes.



  3. i could have never thought the link between those rings n longing love..
    its beautiful tiks 🙂
    this is not poetry , it is prose run mad! LOL


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