63 Years of Freedom – What is this freedom we are talking about ?

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I am giving all my readers some food for thought on the eve of Independence day . Do read all the links please to understand  what I point I am making.

India Shining – celebrating the 63 years of freedom from ” British Raj” .

The whole country is singing patriotic songs , blogs are getting updated every second telling how proud we are to be Indians and how much we have achieved since that day in August 1947.

The question that comes to me again and again is , what is this freedom we are celebrating ? Is it just the transfer of power from British to Indian  or do we have something more ? Are we truly free nation, free thinking society ?

In a country where the great divides of the society tell a shameful story what are we celebrating any way? The economic, gender, cast based communal and religious  divides that have created the worst possible divides in the hearts of the masses.

We talk of AMAN KI ASHA ( read my poem)but when I talk to common people I still feel that the bitterness that brews in them in much worse than before. Hindu /Muslim divide even after so much awareness is till not sorted out in the hearts and minds of people .

The sweeper who   comes to take garbage  at our place does not drink water from the hands of a Muslim domestic help and that too low-caste Muslim. The attitude makes me sick and ashamed I try to convince but the beliefs rooted from centuries in masses are hard to wipe out .. the efforts still go on ..

We have bridged distances with advance technology but were we able to bridge the distance in the hearts of people ? The Brits went but we carried their slogan of Divide and rule and did justice to it fully and don’t you think it is shameful that the country is much more divided than it was 63 years back ? Separatism and then to top it separate stateism , what more is in store for this “Free nation “?

All the talk about  Women’s empowerment  { LINK } seems so hollow. The term “Women Empowerment ” has a lot of hot air fanned from this end to that end of the country for quite sometime now and nothing substantial has come out of it  other than discussions, speeches, talks by woman’s groups etc.

What have done to improve our society, to change the mind-set of the aam janta who still believes strongly in age-old dogmas, rituals that  are inhuman but still prevail in the name of religion like Witch Hunting honor killings and much more .

A country still where domestic violence , sexual abuse, Rape , malnutrition, poverty, unemployment and many such issues still stare at our face mocking us for all our tall claims. How can that country rejoice Independence in true sense?

Are we truly Independent

When our girls are killed before they are even born ? [ Link } { Link }

When thousands of children go through sexual ,  emotional abuse and there is no specific law for child abuse ? { Link }

When there is an urgent need to make the much awaited changes in the constitution ? Where one  has to question  what are the policy makers doing and for whom ?

When issues like Marital Rape and domestic violence ( male victims) are pushed under the carpet  and are best forgotten  because of social stigma and shame ?

When the masses are ignorant, confused, uneducated and don’t know whom to look up to for guidance and support , when people are dying due to lack of basic amenities like health ,food and shelter even drinking water ,  how can we celebrate freedom and from what ?

When we have census based on caste  what does one expect with this nation?

Do you feel proud today on hearing that  Indian Parliament members have criminal charges on them, “including human trafficking, immigration rackets, embezzlement, rape and even murder” all the time . At state level, things are often worse. People have lost faith in the efficiency of the system due to corruption at all levels. Power , judiciary all are just toys in the hands of some rich and powerful and average person is still figuring out what’s this all about .

What kind of freedom is this where every day there are a ” million mutinies ” Read this TOI article by my brother to know how our country is under siege which is brewing within at a colossal cost of blood and resources .

Who is responsible for the farmers committing  suicides in Orissa and other places and the cast based atrocities all over the country ?

Do we ever ponder about these issues  and actually do something about it – positively  and not just talk or write about them.

How many of us Be the change  they want to see ?

We are free to make our own choices but do we have a choice really ???

and when we do have it  then

Do we make that choice to stand against and fight for injustice and all the evils that infest our minds and in same way our society ?

We send hundreds of messages , mails , blog on Independence Day , congratulate and rejoice  but we hardly spare a thought on issues which are dirty to look at but  are the stark realities of today’s India ?

Till when will we live in a denial mode? Who are we fooling?

I am writing this article today  to roll the carpet on which we have danced, dined and drank to celebrate our country’s Independence Day for so long never bothering  to look beneath . Just as we are criminally indifferent to many other aspects of life including introspection  we are indifferent by choice  to look at those glaring issues that need to be  removed from the core.

I hope when you are through  with reading this  at least in one of you something will stir within and that will be the first step to freedom.. true freedom .. shedding all that is not you , that which needs to be wiped clean and not pushed behind the door.

If our minds , our hearts are in bondage and we have not learned in 63 years how to use the freedom  we got with so many sacrifices then we have  no reason to say I AM A PROUD INDIAN

I would love to have this gift from pingoo

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9 thoughts on “63 Years of Freedom – What is this freedom we are talking about ?

  1. this was fantastic tikuli.. 🙂
    u see, i am disgusted by a lot many things in india n proud of many too but i as an individual will and always talk about the changes i can bring about..
    i never blame others when i myself am a port of my own nation, am competent enough to do many a things, the sad thing is we need many more, many many more actually..
    with so much ugly going around, there is no point celebrating an event just for its symbolism, coz i just dont believe in that..
    its plain wastage of time..
    dont u worry tiks, i in my capacity, am doing n will do even more for my nation that is india..
    its a big thing, i can write eons but i guess i better start n work for the cause..
    good one.. liked it, loved it..
    there is so much to be done

    Glad you read and found some connection with yourself Vivek. The idea to write these kind of posts is to awaken the inner and start a spark within. I am happy I could do it … Jai Bharat


  2. Very well written Tik…
    I also agree that we will never stop crime until we get over the idea that we can hire or elect people to stop it. The world’s work must be done by some of us. When we call our country Bharat Mata (our mother) how can we rely on someone else when she is in problem. Would be leave our mother in the middle of her journey if she is bruised and bleeding and is pain…..Socho!

    Suman , the first thing to do is to look within. if you read all the links given you will see what all is going wrong and it is not anybody’s fault but ours. each one of us is responsible for the mess we are in .
    Be the first to change


  3. That one was from the heart! There are thousands and thousands out there who are aware of these issues and trying to their bit towards reversing the trends. While bad changes take place immediately, good ones take much longer. I am sure changes are taking place and there will come a day not too much in the distant future when we can really be proud of our country and its heritage.

    Jai Hind!

    Jai Bharat Zephyr .. am not the one for Jai Hind .. sort of leaves out others.. just my thought
    Chnge comes from within. We normally wait for things to happen and then join the cause. Taking that first step even if it is a little one makes a difference. Greater changes take place later. This criminal indifference that I talk of is exactly the approach of most of us. we never ever think beyond us .


  4. Independence Day, well, firstly it means a holiday to me. Used to be from school, then from college, now from work. But on a wider perspective if you see, India is not really independent, or free. We can’t really take our own decisions, some decisions are forced on us, and the echo of silence goes unheard. There are people out there who aren’t free.. women who are abused, and killed in the name of honor.. farmers who kill themselves because the “governments” decision are forced on them, the common man who is held captive to the rising economy.. babies which die without even seeing the first light.. cruel murders which weren’t even the victim’s fault.. a hefty fine for us breaking the smallest rule whereas the “government” authorities can break it and they escape scot-free.. Independence Day is not yet true in all respects.. we’re just free of the British ruling us.. only who rules has changed, the ruling has not… and if a blind eye continues to be cast on such notions, India will not be truly independent in the sense of the word.

    You told it straight true and to the point Tikku, thats what I feel..!


  5. Whatever you’ve said is true…India has a lot of problems that need to solved ASAP…

    Answer this question for me – is any country totally free and independent? The point of our constitution is to recognize our right to freedom and protect these rights from infringement…

    OK, so in practical terms, a lot of what the Constitution states does no happen…But at least it’s there…

    Our PM is from a minority community and out President is a woman…In how many countries is this possible? I am glad I was born in India and not across the border…

    We blame our government and politicians for all the problems in our country (and they need to be blamed for most) but let us not forget that we have the FREEDOM to CHOOSE our GOVERNMENT…WE have failed in our choice, democracy hasn’t…

    I think we, the people, have failed our country more than the country has failed us…


  6. The country is in need of some serious radical change, culturally. We profess and pride in Indian culture but the darkness in it is still present and very strong. India is the most racist country in the world because of that very cultural backwardness and the (sometimes) unfortunate fact that there are people who reside here who are of myriad racial, religious or caste-based backgrounds. Why even think of them as different? Unfortunately, that’s the bubble most Indians live in. And because riots take place on these bases, however infrequently, the mindset remains. We head into the future becoming an economic power but are still culturally backward. It’s a shame.
    The longest constitution in the world has the most number of loopholes in it! Since it’s so long, shouldn’t it have been better written?
    This is an awesome post from you, Tikuli. The carpet has been swept from underneath our feet to reveal the bloody mess underneath. I wish you all the best for the contest.


  7. I accept ur words. you wrote very well. i like ur writing. i saw a fire in ur writing. first of all we have to choose a good leader for us, then only we can able to stop everything. Nowadays Teens Community are mostly have problems in each and every field. If we choose a good leader means he will take care of the students life. He will show the right way to them. Still that we have these problems.


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