A life Cut Short

Every year the Mynah Bird  makes its love nest in the window of my store-room. I have posted slide show before of last year’s happy family but his time tragedy stuck twice.

First , in my absence the multi layers green nest was brutally ripped apart and thrown down the window  by my FIL  then  he went  to USA and  I hoped that the Mynahs would nest again and they did.

A new smaller nest came up and soon there were  three eggs . Beautiful blue ones. Within days a chick , fragile yet  alert began its journey of life.

Unfortunately yesterday I found it hurt and  lying low. I was concerned but  could not do anything . By evening  the chick was gone. Some predator took it away.

What could have come so high up and get inside the narrow window ? May be a mongoose ? I do not know.

The Mynah couple is a noisy protective  duo still I heard no commotion . 😦

I just hope that the  two eggs survive and  the chicks remain well.

Will be uploading the  pictures again.

A sad day  for all of us at home.


Linking the last year’s  love nest pictures  . Watch the slide show to see life unfold at my home .


6 thoughts on “A life Cut Short

  1. Oh dear…thats so sad…let me pray that the other two survive those predators !!

    There’s a mynah’s nest in my chimney’s exhaust pipe and early morning are filled with their chitter chatter…love it…I never switch on the chimney in this house, fearing that I’ll scare them away.


  2. :O why did ur FIL do that??? 😦 I didnt know Mynah laid blue eggs..so pretty! why didn’t u put the chick back in nest? I think that human touch thing is a myth..even if it isnt its worth a try.
    my prayers for the other two eggs.


  3. the eggs look so pretty … hope they survive.

    i must tell you a story .. i kept a stainless stell bowl full of water in my balcony for birds to drink; and there is a crow who comes everyday with some dried up pieces of bread, it sits there, dips the pierces in the bowl and then eats them. yesterday i bought this beautiful earthen water pot for him and replaced the bowl. today morning, the crow came, cawed suspiciously and few away. wonder what it thought! now i am wondering whether i did the right thing and i hope it comes back again. 😦


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