The Theme Is Blue : A Thursday Photo Contest

Uma  did this post and I was tempted  to take this on. Although I already did  picture post today but then Blue is my favorite color 🙂

The photo contest is from Thursday Challenge a site for photographic fun and learning .

I discovered this lovely digital painting done by my elder son . The beautiful soothing blue  makes it perfect for this post. A creative  talent  showcased for a fun contest.Notice the reflection and the shades of this lovely color .

Aditya is doing animation and visual graphics and this is one of his earlier works.

The digital painting is inpired by the  Pangong Lake in Laddakh, India / One of the most beautiful and serene places on earth.

16 thoughts on “The Theme Is Blue : A Thursday Photo Contest

  1. Brilliant shot and wonderfully edited 🙂
    Was it one of your header images too??

    Cool blue 🙂 🙂

    Hey CB this is not edited photograph . This is a digital painting created on photoshop. completely self made by him. It was just inspired by the lake. yes it was my header image once. 🙂


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  4. ur son is quite a talent tiks!
    like mother, like son as they say 🙂
    yeah! pangong tso, super beautiful place, i want to go there sometime, both for the lake and the trek but also coz of the wild asses found there..
    good one this is!

    🙂 thanks viv , he is very talented I am sure one day his dream of becoming a big animator will come true . both my sons have some passion for life. he even taught me to do digital paintings. I have used them in some of my posts . you will find them on FB and in blog if you type photoshop in search


  5. Nice one. does your son play with Photoshop, Maya and stuff like that? the engineer in me is a little curious 😛

    welcome to my blog Vee , My son is learning animation and visual graphics from Frameboxx. Yes he does all that you have mentioned. I have put a link to his blog in one of th comments to chatterbox .do visit 🙂 thanks so much


  6. By your son! Oh wow it’s so beautiful! Very well done-you must be so proud! 🙂

    Yes Indy A proud mom of a talented son. do visit his blog or my FB albums. most of his work is there


  7. That was a beautiful work of art and the shades of blue are simply astounding! congrats to your creative son! Saw just the ‘I’ of your comment on my site! what happened? 🙂


  8. WOW Tiku…so you did take part in this contest. 🙂 Just loved this creation in Photoshop….my God, Adithya is greatly talented…Congrats to him, and you too. 🙂


  9. Hi
    Aditya is really quite talented. I like picture very much. Not only me each and every one like this picture. As a mom make him encourage to partipate in various competition related digital painting. He is the role model of kids group. He will have bright future. Best Wishes to him.


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