Wordless Wednesday – 15


12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 15

  1. Looks like a real conversation going on between them 😉

    You really got an eye for certain pictures and places and people…me likey !

    LOL yea and one can guess who is who 😉 . I took it during my walks in the lane . sometimes one gets to see a real treat. took it from mobile cam. 😀


  2. Lol, a real conversation afoot! You should have kept a caption contest on this pic. What is one saying to the other?? 😉

    LOL Shail I wish I had.. hehehe it would have been fun.


  3. WOW !!! Bird conversation…hey, how did u take it without disturbing them ???? 🙂

    Thanks Uma .. I took it from the road.. yea zoomed the cam of my mobile. somehow the best pix are taken at the spur of the moment so I keep a mobile with good cam.


  4. Cool. This happens in the bird world too!! 😉
    Looks like the ‘lady bird’ is giving a lecture to the male bird…”You’d get the early worm, only if you get up early…blah blah ” 🙂 😀

    LOL yea it does .. have you seen the mynas chatting ? They are the worse lot. Or should I say the most interesting lot. so much variation in their chatting ..hahahhhaa
    That was nice Shilpa .. the lady looks angry too .:)


  5. Hey Tikuli you have been looking in the Eaves to do some eve’s dropping.But they really don’t seem to mind letting you in on their little secret.


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