Killer Fields :A Poem


Barren sky  dry, bleak lifeless

lonesome patches of white clouds

gloomy and helpless

drift aimlessly in the distant horizon,

burns like a live  coal


Vast expanses of

cracked bare earth

baked brown

Fields like dust bowls

ravaged by the merciless sun

A   body hangs

on a  tree burned to the roots

A child’s stricken eyes

keep a  watch

A vulture awaits

his chance

One farmer commits suicide in every 30 minutes in Orissa due to drought, failure of crops and increasing debt . Orissa has been facing complete crop loss due to bad monsoon. Worried about drought, pest invasion, loss of crops and repayment of debts farmers choose to end their lives.Seventy-five per cent of Orissa’s agriculture is rain-fed and  just one erratic monsoon is as bad as poison.


13 thoughts on “Killer Fields :A Poem

  1. in a country which is willing to spend 40cr for hiring a blimp for 3hrs at the opening ceremony of commonwealth games!

    This is India Shining 😦


  2. Though it is about the state of suicides in Orissa, I seem to think that maybe, it reflects a wee bit the state of your heart. Correct me if I am wrong.

    A beautiful piece of poetry Tiku.


    😉 every poem is I write is a reflection of me. Yes it is and that is why I guess I could connect better with the situation. One needs to be that bit sensitive to feel the trauma that pushes a person to such extreme .
    Thanks for your appreciation my friend . hug


  3. nice poems. Burns the point. Farmers are at the lowest level of the food chain. When the prices rise, we blame the governement. We don’t even realize that some farmer somewhere will have to go on an empty stomach for a year. 2 rupees more a kilo. 20 farmers will commit suicide because rather than starve themeselves. Funny World, ain’t it


  4. Things can’t be changed …. we shall have committees comprising of retired bureaucrats who will deliberate for eight years and then submit a 600 page report which will never be read. “India Shining”


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  6. hi friend
    what a nice poem… really its very touching and ask us to feel about this… this poem ask to remember the farmers… i read a poem in Parenting Website which is about the soldiers… that also really nice… by this only we remembering them… u are really great….


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