The Top Of The World Feeling : Features and Interviews

This month has been  the best so far. As a blogger, as a creative writer who is learning  with every step  and as a human being I  finally managed to find some space of my own.

It filled my heart to see my work being recognised  by some well known sites. This is a moment for which I waited so long , worked so hard .

One of my poems Inner Chatter  got featured in Enchanting Verses which was like a dream come true.

WeBlog interviewed me for their launch and gave me yet another platform to showcase my work. I am thankful for this recognition.

The BlogAdda interviewPart -1


Part -2

was a pleasant surprise and an honor. This actually was the moment I had waited for all along.

I would like to thanks BlogAdda for appreciating my hard work.One reason for my blogging is to raise my voice against the pseudo social norms, the evils that are eating our society like cancer and to stand up for my rights as a woman and as a commited human being.

Gender Bytes gave me an opportunity to share a slice of my life as a daughter, as  a wife, mother and most of all as a woman .

A Daughter Dreams is my story.  A brief account of a woman’s life.

It feels good to  make a point and see that my voice counts and is heard by millions online.

Thank you Gender Bytes for giving me this space to express myself freely.

I want to thanks all my readers for their support and encouragement through out . Nothing is more important for a budding writer like me.

Thanks to friends who gave me some space on their sites  by posting my poems and articles .

Free Fall a short story at Ginger Chai

Two poems in Bamboo Lounge

and a few features in N-Zine

Thanks Neha, Rajan and Pramathesh for  allowing me to be a part of your creative world.

Do keep reading my posts and leave  your heart prints . Each comment is precious to me.

11 thoughts on “The Top Of The World Feeling : Features and Interviews

  1. Wow! Thatz so nice. Congrats Tikuli and cheers to many more such happy moments 🙂

    Thanks Swaram .. do read the Gender Bytes feature .


  2. WOW !!! Am so happy for you…its a great feeling…keep writing more such wonderful pieces…Congrats Tiku !!! 🙂

    Thanks so much Uma .. your love and warmth is so much appreciated . Keep reading and sharing


  3. Congrats on all the accolades you have got Tikuli. I am not commenting so much since I am busy with my granddaughter these days, but I am very happy for you! Hugs 🙂

    Thanks Akka . I am very happy to reach this stage so early. It sure is a big thing for me. hugs to you too


  4. Congrats…this is so wonderful 🙂
    Have been missing from the blogging world for past 1 week and I come to find out so much has changed 🙂

    Thanks LP yea I missed you here. keep reading.


  5. Well done Tikuli and well deserved my dear! wish you many many more achievements and appreciation for all your work!

    Thanks Indy .. you have been a constant sourse of encouragement for me. hugs


  6. Tikuli, hi, i read your interview in blogadda and liked some of your answers. you come across as a lively and vivacious woman. I am not a regular reader of your blog but intend to be from now on.

    will post later. will be following your blog.

    Btw, i like your name, beautiful – also like its meaning … people like us who are from the eastern part of the country have pretty names, don’t you think so?


    Hi Sharbori
    I love your name too . 😉 yes the traditional names are beautiful.
    I have visited your blog a few times. Welcome to mine and I will surely check out yours too . I have my share of problems but hen life is an adventure , isn’t it 🙂
    thanks for appreciation


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  8. aunty you what i always knew that u’re talentd but after seeing this i think u’re super talented..nd i’ll surely read evrything of this ..nd i’ll tell you what i felt bout it when the next time we meet..miss u aunty..
    will catch u up in a while
    nd congratulations 🙂


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