Marmite Love : Black Gold in a Jar

I am known for strange liking for unpleasant taste sensations and among other things Marmite is something  which only Me seems to adore . :p

I have still to come across any Indian Marmite lover apart from my mom 😀 . My boys hate the site of it.

” We will prefer to rot in hell than eat this muck ” they say.

I disagree completely.

I love the gorgeous black brown  spread and been an addict of this highly nutritious thing since I was knee-high.

For those  who do not know what Marmite is , here is google search made easy for you   Marmite

One can spot this iconic jar anywhere in the top stores in big cities all across India. It is made from the yeast that is a by-product of the brewing industry.

For those who want to look deeper and be more adventurous can visit the Marmite Website

You Either HATE IT  or LOVE IT  goes their famous tagline and it sure it honest brutal truth.

You can either love  it or hate it  for there is no middle ground.

This British delicacy can be used as spread on a crisp brown toast ot added to soups, marinades , baked potatoes, scrambled eggs  and sandwiches .. You name it  and the recipes are endless.

LOL by now you must be tempted to  buy one but let me warn you this wonder spread has a very peculiar taste to say the least and you really really need to develope a liking to open its lid.

It tastes like Iodex, engine oil, B complex Tablets, etc .. my kids tried it  one time and that was there last.  Sticky and bitter , it has a strong flavor and aroma which  agrees well with me but not with the family. 😀

Well let me tell you th some facts .

Marmite is a very old, typically British product, which is absolutely vegan (the historical value of this vegan food is in iteself worth a story: it was packed with soldiers rations in WW2 given its nutritional values) and it is definitely worth a try. Even if it may be disliked by half of the vegan population on bread due to the taste, it is pretty extraordinary in cooking.

The product is packed with highly nutritious substances

The vitaminic content is so great it is unbelievable!

Each 4 grams (Marmite is used sparingly!) serving has:

  • 9 kcal
  • 1.5 grams of proteins
  • 16.6% RDA Thiamine
  • 17.5% RDA Riboflavin
  • 35.6% RDA Niacin
  • 50% RDA Folic Acid
  • 60% RDA B12
  • It is low sugar product

That’s right!

In 4 grams there is 50% of your needed daily intake of Folic Acid and no less than 60% of your recommendad daily intake of B12!!!

Amazing! Isn’t it ?

Black Gold in a jar  and there are several other products  in the market  like Marmite rice cakes, biscuits and other things but I have not seen them anywhere in India.

When I discovered my B12 deficiency  I hunted it down in a big  mall and rekindled my love for it. Last time I had it was some two years back.

I want to share this simple recipe to start with .

Toast with Marmite and Gouda Cheese. One can have various variations in this according to  the mood of the day.

Marmite and Cheese Sandwiches

Two slices of whole wheat or any other bread

Grated cheese ( I use Cheddar or Gouda )

Marmite spread – just enough to ocver the tip of the kinfe. 😀

Make crisp toats and spread a thin layer of Marmite on one of them. Put grated cheese on the other and yop it up with any of your favorite toppings including eggs. It depends entirely on your creative  imagination.

Make a sandwich  and serve it with steaming hot Tea or coffee .

Perfect Breakfast .. and Hey if you eat Marmite for Breakfast it doesn’t mean you can’t eat it for lunch or dinner 😀

Now this more than 100 year old marvelous spread  tastes stunning with baked beans  and baked potatoes… and one must try it  with buttered pop corns ..yum ..

To  savour these delicacies first you have to  gather some courage and have your first  taste of Marmite and it you cross this acid test  😀  and fall in love with it then you are on a roll and ready to be enrolled as official Marmite Lover 😀

Do get a tiny jar to start with and spread a very very thin layer  on a toast just to try ..  It could be heaven or it could be hell 😀

The good old British Marmite .. One of the few British things I adore 😉

I wanna try the Marmite cheese and Twiglets

Happy eating … 😀

Foot note : My kids have a recipy  too _ Marmite in dustbin ….LOL  poor devils.. I pity them .. but they will grow up one day and realize what they are missing )


5 thoughts on “Marmite Love : Black Gold in a Jar

  1. I cant say I like it, but have been eating it for about one year since my blood count went really low. Who knows there may come a time when I dont go blech at the taste and even develop a liking

    😀 well Ritu you have taken the first step .. Enjoy it girl. I always love it on anything..
    It is absolute wonder thing


  2. never knew about it!! is it same as Marmalade that I have read about in Enid Blyton books?

    LOL No Reema not at all. I love marmalade too for its bitter taste but this is very very peculiar ummm hard to explain .. try a very small jar . 🙂 unfortunately it does not come in sachet 😛


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