The Spirit Of The Night

The spirit of the night swept across

The marbled floor of the sky.

Her scintillating black robe,

Studded with sparkling zephyrs.

The unclouded moon brilliantly shone,

like a tiara on the bride’s cascading hair.

Graceful, radiant and burning with desire.

Aroused by her lover’s call.

Casting a spell on everything she passed,

making her majestic presence felt.

The handsome sun stood draped in his glory,

waiting in breathless impatience.

For the love of his life to come,

And merge in nuptial bliss.

Two young lovers, mesmerized by the

intoxicating revelation,

Lay intertwined the wild vines about the tree,

their lips locked in fiery kiss.

Their hearts beating as one, a moment held in time

Unrestrained, ecstatic, intense.

6 thoughts on “The Spirit Of The Night

  1. Tikki, this is marvellous.. its like the description of dawn.. the night goddess and the sun god falling in divine love.. that’s what i felt..

    wonderful description! even the intertwining of lovers… like the night and the morn joining together in the shade of a tree.. amazing!

    Thanks Leo. This is one of my first poems. Had removed it from WP for some reason. Night is my favorite time .. I feel one with it and it is always so inspiring ,calming and seductive ..
    Glad you loved it ..


  2. Spellbound, by the brilliance,
    Of the picture you have created,
    The story you’ve said.
    Words dance to your tune in absolute abidance.

    Sayak you are a wonderful poem. Coming from you this praise is priceless. thanks so much


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