Kite : Short Verse

paper kite

the wind

the flutter

-the sound

– the sound

the turmoil

-the urge

– the urge

the struggle

to snap

to break free

I thought of creating word pictures.. visual poetry … but then thought why not compose a little verse and create a picture for it.

Just wanted to  do something different. Been long since I tried my hand on photo shop , colors etc. Will be posting some of my digital work now. Hope it will be appreciated .


10 thoughts on “Kite : Short Verse

  1. Short and Sweet!!!
    Bright and Gay!!!
    Soaring High!!!
    That’s Tikki right??!!! 😀

    I like to see,
    this Tikki free,
    she comes with wonders,
    like a storm and thunders!! 😉

    LOVED IT!!! 😀

    wow ! you rock my girl.. what a beauty. loved it muaaaaaaaaah
    thanks for this gem:p


  2. Awesome poetry Tiks!! 😀
    And photoshop too eh? wow…nice…I liked the fine white thread of the kite (which looked South-African btw…football fever eh? 😉 )
    And lovely template – same as mine…so! 😛 Same pinch!! 😀

    Rums..suppa comment! 😀

    Thanks Sree. must visit your blog pronto. I did start to learn PS from my son who is doing animation and visual graphics but then I got busy with other stuff. must start again. there are some Digi paintings I have on blog and FB.
    thanks for the cmpliment and for visiting. keep droppin by.
    off to your blog now 😛


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