A room with a view

Mornings in the rainy season bring out some of the most amazing cloud illusions I recall. Sitting on my bed I watched the summer sky unfold outside.

It is a blessing to have at least a room with a view. Below a lush green park dotted with huge trees and above an endlessly beautiful sky.

constantly changing .

A wet sun struggling to keep its glory in front of the heavy rain clouds slowly moving towards it

For a moment it seemed that it will be a beautiful sunlit morning but then

Suddenly the drama in the sky began with a thunder and the rain clouds took over the entire sky. Unleashing the first morning torrent of rain .

There were others  who were watching mesmerized by the beauty.

The pigeons … they seem to be the early risers and first visitors to my balcony . sitting on the electric pole they waited for me to present the breakfast.

The only bright thing that stole the show below was the cascading Bougainvillea

Silently I bowed in awe of the creator for  giving me a beautiful morning.


5 thoughts on “A room with a view

  1. Hi

    Everything looks fine, except the wires running through the photos – urgh, its irritating :P. I am not trying to be rude here, but those photos could do without the wires. you can use photoshop to edit them or next time just take the photos without the wires. 😀


    thanks Bibin 🙂 the wires were purposely clicked to show how jarring they can be .
    I never photoshop my pix . just not my style 🙂


  2. WOW !! Those change in color of the clouds is spectacular – nothing to match the nature’s show of colors. 🙂

    Love the flowers pic at last !!! Great set of pics !!!


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