When the roof came crumbling down….

Well that was a bit dramatic but it can happen any day. I am the drama queen and unless something dramatic happens in my everyday life the day is not complete. 😀

Living in a SFS flat built by Delhi Development Authority is hazardous to your life. One day these SFS flats will crumble like cookies.  Delhi will be lost city buried under the rubble of its own deeds. Monsoon not just play havoc with the city’s choked drainage system It triggers a series of problems like water logging, traffic jams, caved in roads, uprooted trees etc.

Yesterday saw an average 21.2mm of rain washing away all the tall claims of the city administration of  adequate measures being taken to deal with the onslaught of rains.

The so-called posh locality where I stay is beginning to crumble. The cheap material used by the contractors and the careless residents who do not give a hoot to what’s happening around them has caused major problems in recent times.

I have one such unfriendly neighbor. Despite of all my warnings and complaints about the leakage the tenant upstairs refused to take action. It is a flat owned by HDFC bank.

Yesterday I had a close escape when a huge section of the plaster from the balcony ceiling fell exactly at the spot where I was standing sometime back admiring the clouds drifting lazily on the western horizon.

I just moved in to get something and behind me in fraction of a moment debris of broken plaster filled the entire area with a loud bang.

Wide eyed I stared at the exposed leaky section and thanked my stars muttering a little prayer as the startled wet sun made a sudden appearance from behind the clouds.

Today also even after knowing that there is a problem the leakage continued. One can see how little cement has gone in to make these houses.

This huge chunk could have split my head in two and you would be reading an obituary in some local daily . With a low blood count I see no reason for survival.

This spot is getting bigger. I could not go out to click the entire section. God knows when the entire thing will come down. The neighbors responsible for the leakage saw and muttered apologies ,assuring to repair in ASAP. The landlady I guess is still sleeping.

I love the greenery and the lush foliage which invites those wonderful birds but the trees are squeezed in like this and pose a grave thread to the buildings. mongoose stay in barrows near the water tanks placed by the residents to combat water crises and they are always overflowing causing filth and dirty water to stagnate. No one seems to care. It is a same story each year.

The RWA works day in and day out to educated the ” educated gentry” as they call the residents but it is each one to its own thing here.

This being one of the most desired South Delhi  localities I wonder who would want to live in such conditions. Yet the property prices are sky rocketing.

I told hubby it was a signal that we should move out. He thinks I have an evil mind and a black tongue ( kaali zaban) lol it was only a few days back that I was asserting my rights and declared that the walls will crumble if more lies and deceit takes place  and  then this :p

Anyway I take it as a positive sign . Maybe we will finally move and I will finally have my dream house.

A small tidy eco-friendly home with a garden .

Meanwhile the complaint has been registered and action awaited …

Life goes on … God Ji is watching 😀


3 thoughts on “When the roof came crumbling down….

  1. Drama Queen !!! LOL !!! But there needs to be ppl like you, to avert any major mishaps, to save lives…later, it’ll be too late…thats one bad patch on the roof.

    But the greenery is so pleasing to the eyes…

    All the very best to your dream house, with eco-friendly garden !!! God-ji, grant Tikuli her wish, plzzzz…. 🙂


  2. Hehehehehehe! May be Godji loves drama too. I think that is the reason he/she created this world.

    Thank goodness you moved out before the accident happened. Mercifully, Aaaal is wellllll! A small eco friendly home sounds like heaven. Hope you get it


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