55 Word Fiction : Drug Abuse 2

She desperately tried to find a vein to inject into.

Her life ebbing away.

She had lost the battle to keep her head above water.

One final lethal dose.


Her father had missed the signs of her secret life.

He found her floating in the bath tub along with the syringe


10 thoughts on “55 Word Fiction : Drug Abuse 2

  1. Oh God, just cant think of that father finding his daughter like that…really scared to think of such a situation…

    I hope those who have got addicted, find a new lease of life.


  2. 55r : Saviour 2

    He pulled her out.

    Her pulse was weak.

    Tears flowing from his eyes.

    He called his doctor friend.

    At the hospital they revived her.

    He couldn’t stop his tears when she opened her eyes.

    She was crying too.


    She strained to rise.

    Papa hugged her.

    She whispered.

    ‘I want to live’

    ‘Yes Mona u’ll’


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