55 word fiction : Drug Abuse:Stairway to Heaven

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Stairway to Heaven

She watched her body go up in flames and with it hopes, dreams, aspirations.

She had taken many tiny steps.

Thousands of little decisions had led incrementally to her death.

She ached to go back in time.




Lonelier than ever she drifted in twilight mist.

A Drug Free Spirit .

The image has been created by me for the Contest

Do not let your life go up in Smoke.  SAY NO TO DRUGS .

32 thoughts on “55 word fiction : Drug Abuse:Stairway to Heaven

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  2. Profound indeed.. good take on the theme..
    death due to drug abuse is indeed incremental, slow..

    well done Queen! 🙂

    Thanks Vinay I am glad to have the support and encouragement of my tem mates. Raiders rock for the cause this time .


  3. Tikuli,
    You write with a great flourish and now that you have restricted yourself to 55 words, it only keeps us yearning for more.
    You always have a great message and depth of meaning in your posts.
    Keep writing and we’ll keep reading!! We’re loving it!! 😀

    Rumya I am so happy to write this. A cause we all should take up. I am touched by all the support and love given by you and other Raiders. We rock …
    Thank you so much dear girl.
    Best wishes to you for the Contest and cheers to Indiana Legends


  4. Very nice take on the issue. Drug abuse is something which does not have any exit. The very determinant maybe able to come out of it but for most others death is the only solace and this post conveys that in a very good way. And the picture adds to the spookiness!


  5. That was really intense!

    “Thousands of little decisions had led incrementally to her death.” -the way u weave words to convey your message is truly inspiring, Tiku.

    And that image is very powerful.

    Good luck to you for the contest 🙂


  6. Thank you all the the encouragement and support. Thanks for good wishes and for visiting my blog. This post is not just for the BPL but also in support of a cause for a future generation which should be healthy in body, mind and spirit.
    Cheers to Life !!!


  7. As usual – well written.I think it is so much more challenging to convey a story in a few words and you ve done a good job.


  8. a good job indeed tikuli but i failed to get the last line, a drug free spirit??? if the lady who died used to abuse drugs, then how she became a drug-free spirit!!
    it should be the opposite!!


  9. (sorry, the father in me couldn’t read and agree to your version…. so he changed things)

    He watched her body go up in flames and with it hopes, dreams, aspirations

    Thousands of little decisions had led to her death


    He was jolted out of his sleep

    It was a nightmare

    The doctor said she had been revived

    He kissed her baby face

    His daughter will start a new life



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