Raising Two Boys is not for Weak Hearted

The eerie calm in the house is always indication of some dramatic event ahead. Yesterday was one such day. The city was wrapped in a cover of heat, dust and sand. The humidity was killing. I decided to make a tall glass of lemonade with crushed mint and retire to the coolness of my room with a book.

The maid was happily humming the latest song while struggling with the mud soaked socks of my Beckham. The boys were glued to the Play station and seemed oblivious to the world around them.

I scanned the home one last time cuddled in the bed with the book. After ten minutes The peace was shattered by the cries of “khoon , khoon” (“Blood ,Blood “). I leaped out of my bed and ran out.

The WWE match had come alive in our bedroom and in a state of hyper excitement the two boys had tried the pedigree, STFU, tombstone , RKO, spear etc.. Blood was gushing out from the upper lip and gum of the younger one and the older one was trying his level best to control his emotions.

I gave him a ” you just wait for me” look and went to see what was happening in the kitchen. The bleeding wrestler had managed to clear the mess when I noticed a vampire bite on his chest. “What the F is that ?” I asked perplexed by the red teeth markings .With tear filled eyes he said ,” He bit me “. “What ?” I could not believe my ears. I was loosing it by now .

I screamed at the elder one for being such an animal and drawing blood every time he got a chance. He raged and fumed about my partial behavior and accused me of melting every time there was a fight. I ordered him to zip his lips and tucked the junior in the other room.

My temples were hurting by now. The lemonade forgotten.

The bai was scandalized by the whole scene and kept repeating that all was well. She could not believe that within ten minutes the serene calm house was resembling a battlefield. I told her I had had enough of these brats and how they will be grounded for the next few days, their play station confiscated. She sympathized with me from the bottom of her heart. Another kind of calm was descending in my home. I went to check on the other one. He was standing bare chested in the bathroom inspecting his torso. I told him to turn around and the sight was horrifying. Deep red welt like marks were visible all over. Starting neck downwards. My heart stopped beating. “Are you hurt badly? Does it hurt “? I was at loss of words. I called the retired hurt boy and showed him the marks. Ones again a verbal battle began. It appeared that the junior had tried to chock the elder one and he had to bite in order to get free and breath. He had boxed him in the same process when the strong arms of the younger one had rendered him helpless.

That’s it. I told that the play station along with the WWE CD will be packed for good and some sanctions will be put on both for creating such a havoc in the house. Not one day goes without some such incident. Vacations Suck big time.
One room turned into war zone, a continues never ending supply of ration for the warriors. You call this Life ???

After my soliloquy which hardly anyone was listening to I realized my temples were throbbing again. I told them to stay away from each other or else…

Half an hour passed in silence and then a giggle and a laugh. I wanted to kill. After spoiling my whole afternoon the boys were having a gala time. They requested that the matter should not be reported to dad and all is well in their world. I just looked at them.

What are these guys made of I wondered.

Everyday I discover new stuff, every day I learn new cuss words. Everyday is a new challenge.

Some things I could never understand. They do all the text messaging shitting in the loo. When something is private and personal ( not for dad’s hearing) a SMS will appear in my mobile from the other room. I thought only girls spent hours chatting on the phone ..

” Yes they do” came the reply , ” we listen”.


The mobile blinks and vibrates every second with Facebook updates, messages, calls. They lead a busy life.

Most of the days I try to fill their bottomless pits called tummies and still fail miserably. I wonder where all the food goes.

All through the day and night they roam around the house searching for something edible. Anything. From raw tamarind to cheese toasts and pasta.

They never ever tire of eating. Unless you eat your fill the moment something arrives you will never see the sight of it again. Empty wrappers of Biscuits, chocolates, dilapidated bags of wafers and other goodies are recovered daily from under the beds, mattresses, behind the sofas , inside the cupboards and book shelves. It is a tough life. 😦

The innocent faces will stare at you as if you are the culprit.

Vacations always add to the miseries. The days are too long and I feel more sleep deprived than ever.

There are good happy times too but when the six feet tall beasts are unleashed from the depths of their inner it is every mother’s nightmare. Daily I sharpen my claws to be ready for yet another surprise lurking to flung at me.

Lying down emotionally spent and tired at night I pray and hope for a better tomorrow which never comes.

16 thoughts on “Raising Two Boys is not for Weak Hearted

  1. I had such a fight with my brother a few days ago. 😛
    I could relate to everything you’d said. My brother and I do exactly the same things.
    Alas! Vacations are coming to an end. 😥

    🙂 Boys !!!! I have yet another month to jhelo these brats . Think of your poor mother 😦


  2. 😆 Sorry Tiku, I know this is no laughing matter but I couldn’t help laugh out loud when I reached the ‘he bit me!’ and then on till the end of your post. A lot of things sound familiar. But thank God my monkeys never laid hands on each other. But the verbal duels!! I am tempted to go write about them. But I am afraid I’d be killed! 😉 😛 😀

    LOL Shail , If I do not take this with a pinch of salt I will go mad. This kind of thing happens rarely but then when it does .. you know it all.
    All izz well now 😀


  3. ” Yes they do” came the reply , ” we listen”.

    ha ha ha

    I know how u must be feeling and i shouldnt be laughing but there were some parts where I couldnt control myself… he bit me and the above statement

    sigh boys

    🙂 I swear Monika it was so terrible at that time but now when I think of it , it seems everyone has put it behind. well the WWE is still out of question though the debate continues


  4. my my…I salute you Tiks ! You handle them pretty well I must say after reading this… Raising children surely is a tough task…but I’m sure these boys are your priciest possessions 🙂

    Good Luck with the remaining holidays…


  5. Tell me about it! Totally concur on the food one. But Tiku, once they cross age 20, the food thingy becomes less troublesome. Now they dont empty pantries and refrigerators. But my brother and I had equally gory fights. Sibling fights are something that one has to live with. They slowly learn to control the violence … very very slowly sigh! Now there are no bones broken or bites and scratches.


  6. oh my…I have heard from countless women that bringing up boys is a nightmare sometimes. Especially when they reach teenage.
    I have a neighbour whose son is somewhat like your kids. Food is all he thinks of and it is driving my friend completely nuts. She thinks there is something seriously wrong with him because of his food obsession.


  7. That was a great post Tiku! fortunately my brats never had physical fights, mostly because the younger one would scream the moment the older one even raised his hand and one us parents would shout to stop any bloodshed!

    the eating is only transitory as they stop once they get to work life. sometimes I miss their demands for goodies and snacks 😦

    I am glad to know that aall izzz well!:D


  8. I can totally relate to this post though i have to deal with just 2 lil kids! looking back..its mostly funny… but when the pinching, biting stuff happens… all hell is let loose 😦 Thankfully, they’re together only for short intervals… 🙂


  9. Oh god, i can remember my fights with my sister now and how she used to use her deadly nails, very potent weapon i tell you. Poisonous. and after getting a thrashing from mom we used to be back together watching cartoons 😛


  10. Hey,

    I just got the link from Indiblogger.
    Good , hilarious post.
    You give me chills about getting kids home for Vacation.

    I really pity my mom for tolerating me for the past two decades…


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