A Love Letter : Moulsari Blossoms

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Dear Sir,

Standing under this beautiful flowering Maulsari tree, I’m transported back in time to the poet’s corner in school. Sitting on a carpet of star like fragrant Maulsari tree a fifteen year old student listening to the teacher’s deep husky voice in rapt attention… Mesmerized, I felt alive.

My heart is filled with fond memories of the poetry/drama sessions, the steamy hot chocolate that you sent for us when we burnt the midnight oil before the exams, a teenager’s first crush on a teacher who taught English literature with such passion that it made her slide under the skin of the characters.

A surreal experience…

I remember that evening in summer when sitting with my back against the tree I had begun to recite along with you quite carried away with the poem and your voice. The class stared wide-eyed as you quietly sat in the corner amused by my sudden performance.

It was only after I finished that I understood what had happened. For days the incident made me feel embarrassed and I could not look into your eyes. It changed things overnight for me and perhaps for you. Feeling responsible and guilty in some way about your sudden decision to leave the school I escaped to a secret hideout on the day of your farewell, unable to understand whether my love was for you as a man, a poetry teacher or for the language.

Now after twenty five years I can see myself with much more clarity. Yes I was in love I wouldn’t deny it. I wanted your appreciation, affection and care which were missing in my life. I could feel the unsaid warmth and knew that you understood my desire for love and peace. My gaze followed you everywhere you went and I soaked in each word you wrote or said. I was sure you knew you were being watched and that filled me with immense pleasure.

Some moments in life are such sinful delights.

Sir, you planted the seed of love for the language I was beginning to discover and showed me the different shades of love. I still have the book of verses you left on my bunk bed before leaving the school. Three words beautifully inscribed on the inner cover

For T
– K

I drew hearts around it and read it like the bible. This one small gesture from you opened a whole new world for me and added a new dimension to my life. You veiled your heart from me and never crossed the student teacher line. I realized that day that the bond of love that held us together was poetry. We didn’t meet that day so actually never parted but your absence created a huge void somewhere deep inside.

I would sit in the poet’s corner, eyes closed, and try to recite in slow whispers – Keats, Shelly, Byron just the way you did. The lovely cream flowers would slowly glide down with the breeze and kiss my face. Their faint fragrance still fills my senses. It was a sight that has remained etched in my memory forever.

There is nothing more intoxicating than the first love. Isn’t it?

Slowly I began to empty the spaces overflowing filled with your memories – liquid hurt stings.

Soon I left for England where I am based now but a part of me remained in those corridors filled with girly laughter and knowing glances, among the shady trees and soaring mountain peaks.

Sir, do you remember the little poems that I left on your table? I waited endlessly for your response which never came. I spent that one year under a spell, charmed by your very presence. Sometimes even small associations transform into life long love and admiration for each other. In those 365 days I evolved as a student, as a woman and as a human being.

All along my journey from a dreamy teenager to a known writer, you remained in my thoughts as an undercurrent. The phantom who haunted and inspired each word, who controlled the dancing fingers on my keyboard.

You not only gave me roots and wings to fly to seek my own horizons but also helped me emerge as a butterfly from within my dark cocoon. You helped me find my direction and become a better human being. It was your encouragement led me to weave the most beautiful yarns of life through my words.

The journey back to school was a pilgrimage. I wanted to visit the place which had laid the foundation for who I am today. Today after almost 25 long years I went through the corridors of my school, revisiting the glorious mornings and fragrant sunsets and a sudden urge to meet you rose inside me like a burning desire. Finding your address from the old watchmen was nothing short of a miracle, a wish come true. It is strange how some places draw a person back into their fold. I hadn’t expected to find you living here.

Sir, your absence from home is in a way a blessing in disguise, for I wouldn’t have been able to express myself as freely as I’m doing in my letter to you.

Love that began as a spark in a young girl slowly matured into revered adulation and respect.

I am leaving my first book of verses “Maulsari blossoms” which I have dedicated to a teacher who showed me the path and helped me find myself- YOU. I have kept inside it some dried flowers gathered during our poetry sessions. The fragrance still lingers ——

Just when I seemed about to learn!
Where is the thread now? Off again!
The old trick! Only I discern—
Infinite passion, and the pain
Of finite hearts that yearn.


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30 thoughts on “A Love Letter : Moulsari Blossoms

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  2. this is so different and amazing and true..as a teenager, we go through such emotions all the time na..

    great one Tiku..good luck 🙂

    Thank you Neha and Good luck to you too. It is a part true story 🙂 so special for me


  3. Ahh simply wonderful..
    Tikuli you are such a master of words…this letter felt more like a poem to me..
    I am blown away by this post…

    Thank you so much LP hope the others like it too. yes sometimes emotions do merge the prose and poetry. thanks again


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  5. Ahhhh I had a huge crush on my Chemistry Teacher. You reminded me of that period. Teenage Crushes! All the best Tikuli

    🙂 lol Ritu this too is part true part fiction and Adi did a great job with the book cover. Am glad it touched you somewhere. 😉


  6. What ‘The Fool’ says is absolutely correct. He has hit the nail on the head. I loved everything in your post, from the choice of words to the choice of tree.

    “Love that began as a spark in a young girl slowly matured into revered adulation and respect.”

    -Beautiful Line and it says it all!!!

    Good Job Tikuli!! You handled the Love Letter Beautifully!! And it is no ordinary love letter…
    We’re Rocking!! 😀

    Thanks Rumya .. this is very special to me I will be doing another love letter soon and that’s personal. sometimes we have hidden secrets inside our hearts and the fingers tapdance to give them out in form of poems or prose. it just happened here. I feel happy that it turned out the way it did. I felt exactly the same 🙂
    Raiders rock .


  7. You are a wordsmith and I was looking forward to your post and what a letter it had everything in it words, emotions, poetry and short story 🙂 ….

    🙂 thanks so much Dmanji am so happy all of you loved my work. That’s what a writer wants.


  8. An immensely touching love letter! Felt very nostalgic. Beautifully written!

    Wish you all the luck for the contest, Tikuli 🙂

    Thanks Deepti. welcome to my world. I am so grateful to all of you for such warm appreciation . thanks again


  9. Tiku: loved this to bits! could relate to it as well but my muse was our english Teacher Ms. shirley! i had great adulation for her;)

    goodluck in this venture- it is just right! loved the book cover also


    Thank you Bina . yea I know those days are unforgettable. Adi helped me with the book cover and we love the flowers of bakul.


  10. i just wish one day i will be able to write as well as you do..you have a great memory yaar 🙂 loved it..loved the cover and the poem

    Thanks Ani 🙂 you write so well and are modest too ;). Glad you liked


  11. Transported me back to my school days, and our schools do a wonderful job of anchoring us in our lives some way or the other

    Loved those days and ur letter just made me feel like visiting the place again soon 🙂

    So, when’s Maulsari Blossoms out for publication Tiku..

    Raiders are rocking and rolling all over BPL… :):)
    Glad, we are such a lively bunch:)

    Thanks PNA the idea was to take my readers down memory lane. Glad you could associate with the letter. Yes you must visit those places 🙂 they hold a part of you always.
    Some day my book of verses will come out. that is my dream 🙂
    I am so happy to be accepted in this lively young and energetic group. Raiders Rock .


  12. Just looooved it Tikuli 🙂 I am telling you again. This is one of the best love letters I have ever read. And the book cover is awesome too. You made this so romantic. Too good 🙂

    Thankkkkkkkkuuuuuuuuuu Ava I am glad I could live up to the expectations of the team Raiders :). Loved your post too


  13. hey Tiku. this was the best love letter for the competition. amazing vocab, flow and the images just flew in front of the eyes. 🙂 😀 Beautiful book cover and ur writing was just so effortless!

    3 cheers RAIDERS! 😀

    Thank you so much Leo. I appreciate your help in formatting this. Glad you are part of The Indiana Legends. keep visiting .


  14. How some things remain etched in our memories and defy the laws of time. How by sheer reminiscence one can bend dimensions and time travel to the past. How nostalgia blended with flavours of joy and sorrow alike, makes it such a treat to be savoured by our hungry minds pining for those fervent bygone emotions.

    “I would sit in the poet’s corner, eyes closed, and try to recite in slow whispers – Keats, Shelly, Byron just the way you did.”

    This line reminded me of one of my favourite movies ‘Dead Poets Society’

    Welcome to my blog Sayak. Yes some moments in life are beautifully etched in our memories. The post is so special to me . Never thought I will ever express so much in an online contest post. 🙂
    Dead poet’s society is a lovely movie.
    thanks for your comment and appreciation. keep visiting


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