Coffee-Chocolate Delights

The other side of midnight


A cup full of coffee

Whip cream

Cinnamon powder/ drinking chocolate

Chocolate sauce

How to make:

Put coffee and ice in blender

Add sugar to taste and blend

Pour it in a tall glass

Top it up with lots of whip cream

Add some chocolate sauce on top and

Sprinkle the cinnamon / drinking chocolate on it

Choco Bay


60 ml vodka

60 ml thick chocolate sauce

60 ml dark rum

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

How to make:

Blend vodka and chocolate sauce together and pour it in a glass

Churn the vanilla n dark rum

Add it to the vodka

Put lots of ice cubes


Indies Coffee


60 ml dark rum

A cup of hot coffee

Whip cream

How to make:

Mix the rum and coffee

Add sugar to taste

Pour it in an all purpose wine glass.

Top it up with whip cream.

Indulge and enjoy :)!!!!!!!!!!


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