Musical Monday -1 musical atyachar

Starting this Monday I shall be writing about my second love – Music

It is going to be a fun and info post with lot of Bollywood songs thrown in .The melodious classics of yesteryear, the folk music, romantic songs, new age music, funny songs, the remixes, tear jerking songs, the stolen tracks from Hollywood 😀 , my personal favorites and much more.

This Monday let’s talk about the most Pakau songs of Bollywood. “D Do feel free to add to the list.

Some of the Hindi Filmi songs make you feel like jumping into a vial of acid, they make your intestine churn and songs like meri pant bhi sexy, meri shirt bhi sexy , sarkai lo khatiya jada lage kind of crap . The Govinda David Dhawan combo was the worse that coululsivd happen to Hindi cinema and Hindi music. God save us from these mindless, nonsensical, obscene, repe ear shattering numbers.

I think most of the appalling and tasteless songs are churned out from Anu Mullick and the golden man Bappi lahiri’s factory. Latest to join the bandwagon is Himesh Reshammiya, the guy sucks. Tera saroor is torture far worse than the Nazi concentration camps. 😦

I could never make sense of Dekha jo tujhe yar dil me baji guitar

Such a nonsensical song.

You are my chicken fry, you are my fish fry and dekho barish ho rahi hai , it’s raining it’s raining .. Bappin Da at his worse .

Remember the song Amma dekh aa dekh tera munda bigda jaye

then there are endless Akshay Kumar songs like Shahar ki ladki ,

The kishan kumar song Achcha sila diya tune mere pyar ka is the biggest atyachar of all times.

Don’t miss Anup Jalota’s Aaisi lagi lagan meera ho gayi magan and Altaf Raja’s tum to thehre pardesi ,sath kya nibhaoge


I can not go on any longer . Please take over. 😦

The list is endless and I seriously need a break. Pak chuki hun main.


I want to break free from this musical atyachar …


6 thoughts on “Musical Monday -1 musical atyachar

  1. hey tikuli….. dekho baarish ho rahi hai was mr. malik…. and sheher ki ladki was picturised on suneil shetty and not akshay kumar…. just giving (dis)credit where it is due 🙂
    and yes i agree…. the same industry that produced timeless gems from kishore da to manna dey and rafi to rd has also given us himessssss and malik…. as they say… mediocrity is wat makes greatness truly stand out 🙂


  2. LOL .. I hd a good laugh @ the atyachar we hv gone thru 😛
    Achha sila ws so pathetic!!!!

    Rain is falling chama chama cham … the atul agnihotri one!


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