Reunion : Who dunnit ?

My entry for the mystery fiction contest on Blogadda

Link to Pringoo , the object I saw at LIla’s Home is a yellow rose

Some points before I crack the puzzle of Lila’s Death .

Lila was very smart elegant beauty, famous and well to do. She lived life on her terms. Her twin Sia was her exact opposite. They looked, behaved & felt differently They carried identical snake armbands symbolizing many contradictory meanings. To remind  them of their spite for each other.
The author  picked up the yellow rose from Lila’s home Yellow rose is symbolic of jealousy, dying love and in recent times of friendship and caring. He was wistful and still admired the woman she was.
A death is considered as homicide when there are suspects involved until it is proven as a suicide. The first line says “we were all suspects….”
There was no ready-made tea or the police would have taken it as an evidence. The author used to mix a brew in Lila’s tea , the leaves were not poisoned. She offered (I) some strong tea reminding him of the poisoning, knowing he would refuse.
(I) was  the third person to go in after M&G for he says “when it was my turn …”

The missing yellow rose may have been removed by (I) maybe when he went in to check why lila had not returned on finding her dead he may have just flicked the rose and slyly placed it from where he had picked it. It was not a part of the evidence.


What might have happened that led to Lila’s death :

(Word count begins after this )
Lila was democratic and liked to spread love around. She looked at life humorously and lived to the fullest. When she realized she had contracted the virus  it broke her, that was not how she  had wanted to die. All the people in her life laughing at her misery, isolation and suffering so she preplanned a last reunion and her death. She also wanted to bury the past along with her.

Lila wanted to die on her own terms. No one was capable  to kill her  but herself.
The awkward guest list and her witty, charming performance at the party explains her take on life. She was always the one in control.
Lila took slow poison. The poisonous beads were taken from under the pillow where they were kept wrapped in a scarf, cracked open to extract the poison and thrown carelessly on the bathroom floor. The water jug was simply not filled  and the porcelain cup which she had taken to mix the poison was left in the bathroom.

One by one she called them. The last to go in was Sia. They had parted long before any of the men came into Lila’s life ( she married M at 23.). Their meeting may have been  emotionally charged. Lila may have mangled her snake arm band in a fit of emotional bout ending a venomous spite that existed between them. (They had tried to drown each other as young girls.) . The bejeweled case may have held something precious of Sia from their childhood which Lila had kept as memento and now passed on to her as a gesture of love. The emotions were too much to handle and Sia came out weeping.
The poison was having its effect and by now Lila’s cognitive functions were getting affected. She was exhausted . She came out to bid farewell but finding it hard to keep her dignified charm went in again, went to the bathroom to drink water but was too unsteady and dropped the cup shattering it into pieces.
Came back into the room and fell dead.

(word count 346)


10 thoughts on “Reunion : Who dunnit ?

  1. I think you have nailed it 🙂 I have a feeling that Lila took the poison herself 🙂 And since she seemed to like drama, what better way to go than like this 🙂

    you never know 🙂 there can still be a twist .. with Lila anything is possible 😀


  2. All the best for the contest !!! 🙂 Seems that you’ve taken to out of the box thinking. Gud one.

    Thanks you Uma . 🙂


  3. I think you hit the nail on the head…I was leaning towards the same as well although at one point I contemplated the twins switching places…but it doesn’t say they are identical so I think that’s out. Good luck! 🙂


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