Indus Ladies Indian Mommy Bloggers Ebook released

Indus ladies has come out with the ebook for Indian mommy bloggers and I am part of it . It is an honor to be selected among so many entries. Five of my posts are included in the book.

My posts

The IL team has always been very encouraging  and every mother’s day there is something special.

Congratulations to all the wonderful mothers who are part of this lovely gesture from IL.

The link to  ebook of Indian Mommy Bloggers

(749.8 KB, 486 views)

In this ebook, you will find blogs of 59 best Mommy Bloggers in India and over 200 of their best posts.

Feel free to download and share.

once again thank you IL .

🙂  🙂


cheers to all the mothers everywhere !!!!


13 thoughts on “Indus Ladies Indian Mommy Bloggers Ebook released

  1. Hey I do not know how to put pdf link so I have put the link to IL announcement. The pdf file is an attachment and can be downloaded from there . thanks girls for pointing out .
    I am on Page 20 😀


  2. Fantastic news 😀 😀
    Congratulations Tikuli 🙂
    Am off to find out who all made it to the final list 🙂


    Thanks so much CB 🙂 things like these humble me


  3. Congratulations Tikuli. You truly are one amazing writer. You have a way with words.:)

    I am learning Indy and each step is a new discovery


  4. I am not surprised. You deserve this and more. Just replied to your comment on my blog. You are one whose posts I almost never miss.

    This blog is a treasure trove. Congratulations, Tiku!

    Soli thanks for giving me so much encouragement , there are times I feel that I have summed up my whole life in those few posts on my blog and when I see readers and friends like you appreciate the unread more than what is seen I feel blessed.will check out your reply too. Keep visiting and helping me improve. love and hug


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