Flash Fiction : With love

I set him free today.

My husband, you know.

He had been reading my emails, text messages. He even scanned my phone bills.

He had found out my feelings for you and our burning desire to be with together.

He knew how you completed me as a woman and as a human being.

He was trying to be extra loving and caring in a way that disturbed me.

I could see him suffer as he saw my ever-growing unconditional love for you.

It pained him that it was fully reciprocated in a way he never could.

He had lost a real me to a virtual you.

I wanted to put an end to his suffering.


He was passionate about his drinks and loved Alcohol more than anything else.

Tonight I made him a very special  drink.


I am sure he could not make out the difference in the way it tasted.

Slow poison… very effective…. Leaves no trace

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction : With love

  1. Good Riddance! Share the name of the poison too! 😀

    hahaha that remains a secret.. pssst tweet me 😉 good to see you on my blog. welcome TBG


  2. OMG..Short but definitely not sweet…wicked!!!
    Tiks, am sorry I’m here after like AGES..
    Ive definitely missed out on a lot but promise to be more regular now on..:D
    Keep writing!!


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