A Love Letter : Moulsari Blossoms

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Dear Sir,

Standing under this beautiful flowering Maulsari tree, I’m transported back in time to the poet’s corner in school. Sitting on a carpet of star like fragrant Maulsari tree a fifteen year old student listening to the teacher’s deep husky voice in rapt attention… Mesmerized, I felt alive.

My heart is filled with fond memories of the poetry/drama sessions, the steamy hot chocolate that you sent for us when we burnt the midnight oil before the exams, a teenager’s first crush on a teacher who taught English literature with such passion that it made her slide under the skin of the characters.

A surreal experience…

I remember that evening in summer when sitting with my back against the tree I had begun to recite along with you quite carried away with the poem and your voice. The class stared wide-eyed as you quietly sat in the corner amused by my sudden performance.

It was only after I finished that I understood what had happened. For days the incident made me feel embarrassed and I could not look into your eyes. It changed things overnight for me and perhaps for you. Feeling responsible and guilty in some way about your sudden decision to leave the school I escaped to a secret hideout on the day of your farewell, unable to understand whether my love was for you as a man, a poetry teacher or for the language.

Now after twenty five years I can see myself with much more clarity. Yes I was in love I wouldn’t deny it. I wanted your appreciation, affection and care which were missing in my life. I could feel the unsaid warmth and knew that you understood my desire for love and peace. My gaze followed you everywhere you went and I soaked in each word you wrote or said. I was sure you knew you were being watched and that filled me with immense pleasure.

Some moments in life are such sinful delights.

Sir, you planted the seed of love for the language I was beginning to discover and showed me the different shades of love. I still have the book of verses you left on my bunk bed before leaving the school. Three words beautifully inscribed on the inner cover

For T
– K

I drew hearts around it and read it like the bible. This one small gesture from you opened a whole new world for me and added a new dimension to my life. You veiled your heart from me and never crossed the student teacher line. I realized that day that the bond of love that held us together was poetry. We didn’t meet that day so actually never parted but your absence created a huge void somewhere deep inside.

I would sit in the poet’s corner, eyes closed, and try to recite in slow whispers – Keats, Shelly, Byron just the way you did. The lovely cream flowers would slowly glide down with the breeze and kiss my face. Their faint fragrance still fills my senses. It was a sight that has remained etched in my memory forever.

There is nothing more intoxicating than the first love. Isn’t it?

Slowly I began to empty the spaces overflowing filled with your memories – liquid hurt stings.

Soon I left for England where I am based now but a part of me remained in those corridors filled with girly laughter and knowing glances, among the shady trees and soaring mountain peaks.

Sir, do you remember the little poems that I left on your table? I waited endlessly for your response which never came. I spent that one year under a spell, charmed by your very presence. Sometimes even small associations transform into life long love and admiration for each other. In those 365 days I evolved as a student, as a woman and as a human being.

All along my journey from a dreamy teenager to a known writer, you remained in my thoughts as an undercurrent. The phantom who haunted and inspired each word, who controlled the dancing fingers on my keyboard.

You not only gave me roots and wings to fly to seek my own horizons but also helped me emerge as a butterfly from within my dark cocoon. You helped me find my direction and become a better human being. It was your encouragement led me to weave the most beautiful yarns of life through my words.

The journey back to school was a pilgrimage. I wanted to visit the place which had laid the foundation for who I am today. Today after almost 25 long years I went through the corridors of my school, revisiting the glorious mornings and fragrant sunsets and a sudden urge to meet you rose inside me like a burning desire. Finding your address from the old watchmen was nothing short of a miracle, a wish come true. It is strange how some places draw a person back into their fold. I hadn’t expected to find you living here.

Sir, your absence from home is in a way a blessing in disguise, for I wouldn’t have been able to express myself as freely as I’m doing in my letter to you.

Love that began as a spark in a young girl slowly matured into revered adulation and respect.

I am leaving my first book of verses “Maulsari blossoms” which I have dedicated to a teacher who showed me the path and helped me find myself- YOU. I have kept inside it some dried flowers gathered during our poetry sessions. The fragrance still lingers ——

Just when I seemed about to learn!
Where is the thread now? Off again!
The old trick! Only I discern—
Infinite passion, and the pain
Of finite hearts that yearn.


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A poem for Aman Ki Asha, Indo-Pak Peace Initiative

Gulzar Saheb writes

Aankhon ko visa nahi lagtaa
Sapno ki sarhad hoti nahin
Band aankhon se roz main sarhad paar chalaa jaata hun milne
‘Mehadi Hasan’ se!

My translation

you do not need visa for the eyes

there are no borders for the dreams

with closed eyes

everyday I cross the border

to meet Mehndi Hassan saheb

another one

nazar mein rehtey ho jab tum nazar nahin aatey
Yeh sur bulaatey hain jab tum idhar nahin aatey
In lakeeron ko zameen hi pe rehne do dilon pe mat utaro

My translation

even when you are in front of my eyes

you are not seen

when these notes call you do not come here

let these lines be on the surface of earth

don’t let them divide hearts

These excerpts are from the  poems which are part of Aman ki Asha, Indo-Pak peace initiative

After reading them something stirred inside me and  some words began to take shape in my heart.

For me Borders only exist as lines on some maps. I believe in One World and feel that we can make this planet a better place to live if we treat each other as humans and not Hindu, Muslim Christians or Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis. The barbed fence that  has bruised the heart of the land can never divide the hearts .Our heartstrings will remain attached forever.

Here is my contribution to the great cause .

Dhak dhak dhadkta hai  dil uska bhi
Ragon mein surkh laal khoon daudta hai uski
Aankhon mein baste hain uski bhi hazaron sapne
Roz raat chhat par wo bhi sitaare gina karti hai
Aur subah sawere mongare ke bikhre phoolon ko
Mala mein piroti hai
Jab wo hansti hai khil uthta hai aangan mera
Jab roti hai to sarabor ho jaati hain
Mere gaon ki galiyan

Sanjh dhale wo bhi apni ammi ka aanchal thame

chajje se door tak phaile

sarson ke peeele phoolon ke pare
Tak-taki lagae dekhti hai
Aayine mein wo meri surat dekhti hai
Main use dekh muskarati hun
Kuch zyaada fark nahi hai hum dono mein
wo maathe pe mandir ka tika nahi lagati
Aur main
akshar bayein se dayein likhti hun
Sarhad ke uss paar
Meri ek saheli rehti hai

English traslation

Dhak Dhak beats her heart too

deep red blood flows in her veins too

a thousand dreams live in her eyes too

every night she too counts the stars

on the terrace of her home

and in the early morning

gathers the Mongra flowers

to weave them into a garland

when she laughs it fill my courtyard

when she cries the roads of  my village

get drenched

when evening falls she too holds her ammi’s shawl

she stands in the balcony with her mother

watching endlessly across the long stretch

of yellow mustard flowers

in the mirror she my face

an I smile at looking at her

there isn’t much difference between us

she does not apply the temple vermillion on her forehead

and I

write the alphabets from left to right

across the border

my friend lives

The Earth Speaks

Heal, reclaim, restore,
recycle, reuse, reduce

Let me breath
set me free
from the shackles of
human tyranny.

cleanse the suffocating
contaminated fumes
that clog the pores
of my soul.

Drain the venom that
flows in my veins
and accumulates in my heart
killing me slowly
bit by bit.

I weep bitter tears
my family slowly dieing.

Uprooted roots
violated womb
depleting ozone layer
green hose gases winning
my spirit wails when I watch
my ravagers grinning.

My children ruthlessly killed
the birds, animals, fishes
their homes ransacked, destroyed.

With no one to take the blame
Wonder who will lose and
Who will be win
this race against time?

You have used me enough
Every part of me
You have scarred
my spirit my soul
gnawed on my wounded body
from time immemorial.

The payback time has come.

Give me back my life,
my identity,
my dignity, my solace.

Return to me my forests,
my verdant valleys
that you have plundered.

My mystic mountains
my crystal clear waters
and the clean pure air.

You scavengers with tainted hearts
Ungrateful, heartless humans
Wake up, now that my fate
is entrapped with yours.

What you give to me
will come back to you
in manifolds.

Make your choice,
lend me your hands

the clock is ticking
Heal me, revive me

So you can live
And I can live
For millions years to come.

Recipes: An Affair with Kebabs

Veggie Delights

Indian cuisine is very rich and varied. The cuisines of various regions of this country differ in style and content, characterized chiefly by the use of their typical spices, condiments, and method of preparation.

When we talk of grilled food we think of steaks, chops, and chicken. Despite how easy it is to grill up veggies, most people just don’t think about it, simply because they aren’t sure how to go about it.

Here are some tantalizing recipes for succulent veggie kebabs. Easy to make, they can be half done and stored for some days in the freezer by wrapping them up tightly in a re sealable bag. Even marinated kebabs can be put on a wet bamboo sticks and saved for future use.


Kebabs are a favorite snack through out India and can be made with both vegetables and meat. The sizzling hot kebabs with their enticing aroma of yummy melt texture can make your salivary gland work over time.

Initially kebab meant mutton, but now we have so many options for all those who stand for pure vegetarian cuisine.

Kebabs, rightly prepared and served with the right chutneys, are not only tasty but highly nutritious. The taste and food-value of the kebab depends on the freshness of the vegetables, the size, marinade and the right degree of cooking.

Each preparation has a distinct taste because of the different texture of meats and the varying fragrance of the different combination of spices used in the marinade. They are easily digestible too. Kebabs can be cooked in a Tandoor (clay oven), an open iron grill, on a griddle plate, and shallow fried or deep. The kebab should be slowly roasted over a slow flame to let the spices seep into it. Charcoal grilling ensures that.



3 Raw Bananas

1 cup chopped onion

Green chilies – 2 (finely chopped)

Fresh coriander leaves – 1/4cup (chopped)

Garam masala powder – 1 teaspoon(cumin seeds, black cardamom, cinnamon, mace, black pepper corns, cloves and dried ginger, all ground to form a smooth powder)

Salt – to taste

Red chili powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Roasted semolina – for rolling the kebabs

3-4 tablespoon Oil – for shallow frying


Boil the raw bananas, peal and mash them.

In a large bowl add mashed bananas and all the other ingredients.
Mix well.

Make flat cutlets and shallow fry them in an open pan till golden brown from both sides.


Make cylindrical kebabs .Put them on skewer and grill till done.

Serve with mint chutney (sauce) or salsa sauce.



1/2 Cup Corn Kernels

2 Big Potatoes (boiled)

2 Onions (chopped)

1/2 cup Capsicum

21/2cm Ginger (chopped)

3 Green Chilies (chopped)

Salt to taste

Oil for shallow frying


Crush the corn kernels in a grinder to get a coarse paste.

Mix this coarse paste with potatoes, onion, ginger, capsicum, green chilies and salt.

Divide the mixture into equal portions and shape them as kebabs.

Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the kebabs till they turn golden & crisp.

Take them out with a slotted spoon. Drain excess oil on absorbent paper.

Serve hot with mint chutney or salsa sauce.

Both these kebabs can be rolled into pita bread or Rumali Rotis to make a veggie kebab roll.

Coffee-Chocolate Delights

The other side of midnight


A cup full of coffee

Whip cream

Cinnamon powder/ drinking chocolate

Chocolate sauce

How to make:

Put coffee and ice in blender

Add sugar to taste and blend

Pour it in a tall glass

Top it up with lots of whip cream

Add some chocolate sauce on top and

Sprinkle the cinnamon / drinking chocolate on it

Choco Bay


60 ml vodka

60 ml thick chocolate sauce

60 ml dark rum

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

How to make:

Blend vodka and chocolate sauce together and pour it in a glass

Churn the vanilla n dark rum

Add it to the vodka

Put lots of ice cubes


Indies Coffee


60 ml dark rum

A cup of hot coffee

Whip cream

How to make:

Mix the rum and coffee

Add sugar to taste

Pour it in an all purpose wine glass.

Top it up with whip cream.

Indulge and enjoy :)!!!!!!!!!!

The Legend of Indiana Legends : Bloggers Premier League

Cafe GingerChai has  introduced an exotic brew called bloggers Premier League , a unique blogging event with 6 teams and 48 players all locking horns for the coveted trophy.

The challenge has begun and the Raiders are in high spirits with a strong team of eight warriors all set to conquer the league.

Let me introduce you to My team Legendary Raiders of the Last Word.

A league of extraordinary raiders that’s what we are Indiana Legends we are called,we shall fight till the last word , and win the war , cup conquered

for ones and all

“Start – Camera – Action”

The Raiders set out on  mission of retrieving the Cup by crossing the Deadly Dark Hauxiton Forest filled with all types of Dangerous Creatures. The Sun had set and the Raiders planned to halt there for the Night when Psychior suddenly paused. She saw something odd in her Psychic Mind. And she was about to utter, when emerged a Monster from nowhere. Scoobus ran in the opposite direction screaming, “I forgot to get his sword from the stable where they had spent the night before.” Bateidon, the bravest of the Eight walked forth towards the Monster with his sword held high.

Read the whole intro Here

The Legend of Indiana Legends

Now the story behind the scene

The raiders are an animated, talented lot so full of energy that sometimes  it consumes them also 😀 .

We had group chats to discuss the Introduction and it was  one hell of a discussion usme emotion tha ,drama, tha , confusion tha, talent tha par violence nahi tha  😀

sharing some of the lighter moments

cmoule: LULU!!!

me: hey can anyone see me
cmoule: yes
6:48 PM pinashpinash: yes
ramis666: ohk 🙂
pinashpinash: haaa 🙂
me: ok Pawan let us bring the topic here
pinashpinash: crazier than yesterday
rumyabhatt: whats cooking peeps???
ramis666: okay, shoot 🙂
6:49 PM me: hello we all are goin nuts
rumyabhatt: and bolts!!!
pinashpinash: nuts to win the bpl cup
ramis666: everyone done with their intros?
me: you bet
ramis666: yup 😀

rumyabhatt: whats the kaanfuzion tikuli???

6:53 PM me: arrreee Pawan plz copy the whole thing from our chat to this group chat so that we all know the draft of the script
cmoule: pawan mailed it to me
yesterdays chat
pinashpinash: there is already a draft??
ramis666: ohk 🙂
@PnA: Nopes 😛
6:54 PM rumyabhatt: waiting for something to happen…… 😐

ramis666: tikuli: evil W will never leave any clues of where he has hidden the trophy why shud he
Sent at 6:43 PM on Friday
me: why?
tikuli: evil ppl do not unless he wants to leave it for his own legacy
me: well, he dies na
tikuli: he has stolen it na then why would he want ppl to find it
me: the evil guy wants someone to find it
Sent at 6:46 PM on Friday
tikuli: why
me: bcoz he doesnt want the cup to be lost in time
he wants someone to find it after his death
tikuli: He is no saint Pawan
he is selfish man

ramis666: i have some bad[?] news

cmoule: :O
pinashpinash: oooooooo
rumyabhatt: :O
me: o
7:05 PM rumyabhatt: say it aint so!!!
cmoule: :-/

me: hey this power thing we need to think about , we got to name them poetry etc

pinashpinash: I saw her on FB
rumyabhatt: hold yer horseys
cmoule: yes
ramis666: ??
7:09 PM well guys, anyone hearing me ? 😛
me: I am
cmoule: yes
pinashpinash: yup
7:10 PM me here listening

rumyabhatt: Legend has it that the keeper of the BPL cup becomes immortal in the halls of the Gchai Cafe!!!

ashwini rs: hehe
ramis666: good one rumya 😀
pinashpinash: heeeehaaaa
rumyabhatt: good to add as an intro statement???!!
wat say??
pinashpinash: we read too many books I say!!
cmoule: we can have a kind of intro in the start
a small history
7:18 PM pinashpinash: intro for an intro???
rumyabhatt: yeah!!!!! 😉

ramis666: wait wait, u all lost the plot of the story

7:19 PM rumyabhatt: my GAWD!! we’re bursting with ideas!!!
aswini.rs: and who is the villian?
pinashpinash: P
ramis666: all that we fight for is done in the past, an archaelogist (Avada’s great great greatest grandson) searches for the relic 😛
me: crusaders , raiders , knights all diffferent
rumyabhatt: :S
pinashpinash: 🙂
rumyabhatt: Huh???
me: gosh Pawan knights do not raid castles
7:20 PM aswini.rs: am i sooo old??
pinashpinash: they protect them is it…??
ramis666: well, wait, this all sounds confusing, but lemme write the story first 🙂
me: are we writing something similar to Indiana jones RLA
rumyabhatt: where is king arthur when you need him???!!!!
me: yes they do
cmoule: ok
ramis666: @Ashwini: we all are
pinashpinash: ok!!

pinashpinash: I’m not blank any more…!! excited happy dance :):)

rumyabhatt: Curd??!!!
7:39 PM ashwini.rs: Indiana legends
pinashpinash: nooooooo
cmoule: and our elixer can be ginger chai, so we can recharge us by drinking ginger chai
ashwini.rs: so lets assume the story location is Indianapolis? 😛
ramis666: 😀
me: 🙂
rumyabhatt: Go Moulee!!!

me: I am off t omake dinner guys .. just mail me what you decide

me: kids will murders me

they are hating this
And so the animated happy chi chat continued on google doc and finally emerged  a beautiful script and an awesome poster for the mighty Raiders
They say after every  dark night there is a bright morning 😀
Three Cheers for Team Raiders

A Caption Contest Trophy For Me :)

My dear friend  lazy Pineapple recently had a caption contest on her blog . It was great fun to take part . Some of the captions were so hilarious. I won the contest along with two other bloggers. The trophy is beautiful and worth displaying

Thank you LP for this precious treasure .

I am sharing the picture and the caption which won me this coveted prize .

Enjoy 😀


Add a little laughter to your life .. save it from getting extinct .  😀  😀

Psychic Meditation: Technique and Uses

We are all part of this vast universe and need to know our place in the vast scheme of things and to discover how to play that part properly. Mediation is not just sitting with your eyes closed in a secluded room; it is an absolute harmony between our physical realm, sensual realm and our life energy. Psychic meditation can help us in many ways.

Over the years, psychic meditation has helped people with their growth, their perception, and their losses and has helped many to discover a new way of life. It has touched every area of life by having  ability to see and hear what is within. We all have our psychic abilities in the form of gut instincts and intuitions.

To start with, the concept of meditation is to understand oneself better, wherein we understand what our strengths, flaws, and triggers and so on and so forth. To develop patience and partnership, we can only make ourselves intuitive towards the significant others needs, but also adjust one’s own aura and being to be more receptive to someone else’s efforts and advances.

Deeper forms can lead us to insight towards past lives and the subconscious and see where the partnership has been and what its future is.

Greater still, we can also understand the subtle messages the significant other has to impart upon our being, and how we can grow towards our path.

Focused meditation provides makes the mind receptive to intuitive information. It quietness’ the mind and filters out the noise in our consciousness. This allows the sub-conscious mind to voice its thoughts, and enable the mind to become in tune with the environment.

To practice Psychic Meditation wear comfortable clothes, choose a place, which is quite, light some incense sticks and create the right atmosphere.

Take slow deep breaths and think about the precious life-giving air that you are inhaling. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Focus on breathing is very essential here. When your attention is diverted, even your energies divert. Keep the rhythm and discard the random thoughts that are entering your mind. Become aware of the space around you.

Imagine you are in a calm serene surrounding and form a question in your mind, which needs an answer. Slowly make it appear in front of you on a piece of paper and let your inner answer it for you. Hold on to the thought, connect with it and you can make it happen. Slowly you will realize that there is a solution instead of a question on the paper.

One can resolve many difficult situations by this technique; even physical ailments can be treated by focusing on the affected area and removing the negative element though your guided energies.

Meditation also strengthens our energy balance, making us almost psychic whilst dealing with those we love, simply by balancing memory, understanding and insight towards others and developing a sixth sense simply by slowing the moment down by processing our breathing.

I have done this meditation with amazing results in healing myself and close ones. It is advisable to learn in under guidance for effective results. Every thing in the universe is connected and once you understand and accept this concept, you can tune yourself to be one with the universal spirit. This spirit then becomes your guiding force.

Through practice, you can achieve great benefits and enlighten your inner. You can connect with people you love, heal them; make a difference in their thinking and find love compassion and understanding to better your relationships.

It is known that if you aspire for something with all heart, the universe helps you in getting it and psychic meditation helps in connecting with the universe.

List Poem : X-Men Mutants

My list of favorite X- MEN mutants

I love Archangel with wings on his back and his power to fly

I love fiery eyed Gambit who manipulates kinetic energy, and has a hypnotic charm

Then come the Cyclops with their ruby-quartz visor and power to create Ocular Blasts

I love Jean with Telepathic Telekinetic powers

And handsome Wolverine with his metal claws and power to regenerate

Beast with blue fur is next with his Super strength and agility

I love beautiful Rogue with white streaks in her hair who absorbs powers with touch

Silvery hair Storm has power of Weather Control

I love Night crawler the blue man with a devils’ tail who has power of teleportation

I love Juggernaut with his massive metal helmet he is incredibly strong and fast

Colossus can transform skin into organic steel

While Magneto in purple robe has magnetic powers and can create force field

I love Pyro the way he controls and manipulates fire

And Mystique the bluish green beauty who is a shape shifter

Quill looks unique with porcupine like quills on his body

Ice man creates constructs of ice or blasts of cold

I love Archlight the punk who generates shockwaves of concussive force

And cute Shadowcat who can “phase” through matter any time

I love Sabretooth with bestial superhuman abilities

I love Avalanche, the smartest of all, who can create earthquakes very strong

X-Men mutants I love them all