Dream Diary : The Run

This is so difficult to explain. I still do not get it  why I always dream of old, ruins of forts, havelis , an empty road leading somewhere I do not know of and sometimes people whom I have never ever seen or heard of. After a series of such dreams I decided to write about them. Vivid as they are and most parts I do remember for days.

Yesterday was a tiring  and trying day for me and I decided to take that much-needed afternoon nap. Here is what I dreamed.

Me , hubby and my two boys are in a car driving past a place called Moti Bagh ( those who know of Delhi will be able to visualize the area with govt. houses and nothing out of ordinary but he the place I associated with Moti Bagh had a series of road side shops dealing in iron stuff especially  utensils, keys, huge locks and the dominating thing was iron griddle (tawah) , loads of them kept upside down, their shinning metal catching the brilliant mid day summer sun.

We are driving on this usual route and suddenly my hubby who is on the right side drive leans out of the window on the left side and picks up a huge bundle of old keys.

“That’s stealing, WTF you think you are doing. ”

I am stunned. The next moment he notices a low floor A/C  red color bus following us. We take a quick turn in to an area called R.K.Puram which again is a familiar place with Govt. Flats.

The bus keep following so I open the door and start running towards the market. Strange , because I have no idea what made me jump and run. I meet a man who guides me towards a park area which is safe. ( who is this man, why does he guide me )?

I run until I reach the park gate , it is late evening by now but the light is still there. I am tired . The park is empty and I see a gate leading to the other side and cross it to face an open road , dusty, never-ending and lined with old havilis and some portions of old forts etc. Hardly a tree is visible. I do not know what’s on the other side but I can feel the sand.

It is hot, humid and dusty. I run blindly on that road. I can hear noises of jeeps and some other vehicles but see nothing.

After a mile or two I spot a better looking haveli with nice winding stairs leading up to the terrace. I  take a turn and start climbing the stairs .My calf muscles ache( they really did ache, I kept rubbing my feet and could feel the heat and sweat) .

After climbing at least three-story , I come to a terrace where there is a mother dairy booth. ( mother dairy is the name of a govt milk booth in Delhi). I go inside . It has only one section where a man is sitting with all the machines, the other section where the milk is sold does not seem to exist.

The man does not seem to be bothered by my sudden appearance and on asking for a safe place he readily agrees to hide me there. I look outside from the Jharokha (a type of overhanging enclosed balcony used in Indian/Mugal architecture) and see a few open jeeps standing at the road. there are some men running around and one tall person wearing a maroon Kurta and jeans with dark round sun glasses on his eyes is giving instructions with his arms. I do not know any of them. ( Are they searching for me ) ? From where did this Mother Dairy spring up on top of the terrace ?

All this I have no idea.

My heart beat quicken and I look at the man next to me. An old man in simple white shirt and black pant. He smiles and tells me that the glasses have films that makes sure that people from outside can not see inside. Amazing I thought, technology in the midst of old ruins.

I watch the scene below and suddenly there is a sound of footsteps. I look around the tiny room for a place to hide. The man opens a small door in the back area and I enter a vault kind of thing. the door is left slightly ajar.

From that crack I see my elder son .

W TF I say . “where did he come from and how did he know I am here?”

He inquirers about me by showing a picture and weeps. I come out and hug. No words are exchanged.

We hear the roar of engines and the jeeps go back in direction from where I had come.

I thank the man and we run down . It is dark but we can still see the steps.

On the road again we start running towards the same direction from where we had come. There is no place to hide. The havelis on right side appear ghostly , on the left it is an abyss. Dark and unfriendly.

We spot a gate which seems to be freshly painted in white. I do not remember seeing it while I was coming on that road earlier in the evening.  Again a question mark.

We enter the Haveli through a spiral staircase. We knock on the heavy wooden door and you won’t believe who opens the door.

Gul Panag. ( She is an Indian film actress)

What it is she doing there?  Again a white shirt and blue denim). Without a word she lets us in.There is a table and chair with some papers . Maybe her working table. We run up the stairs leading to first floor. There are tourist. Some monkeys are sitting on the jharokhas with their little ones.

I look at my son. He has no answer to this. Suddenly a child throws a stone at a group of monkeys and hell breaks loose. people are running ,screaming, moneys are attacking and snatching their things. We manage to run down and meet Gul Again .She too does not seem to be perturbed by all this  as if it is the usual thing

I ask her what is she doing at this God forsaken place and in reply she opens a back door.

There are children, old men, women , a family living there with a patch of kitchen garden etc. Normal household stuff. Kitchen Garden in desert area ?

She closes the door and we leave the place.

Out on the dark road we are left alone. Where have all those tourists gone ?

It is quite. very quite.

We begin to walk slowly.  There is a phone ringing somewhere. It seems a familiar ring tone  of a mobile phone.

I suddenly realize that it is my phone. I wake up with a start, the phone is right next to my pillow ringing loudly.

Later when I thought about this dream I noticed many similarity between this one and the last two. Same, intermingling of past and present, old Havelis, me on the road and much more. Many questions remain unanswered. I had not watched any movie of Gul or seen her Picture etc any where in past many weeks.

I wonder what it all means and why I keep having these dreams. Maybe some one can explain.

9 thoughts on “Dream Diary : The Run

  1. do you want to get rid of these amazing stories that you see ? 🙂 Are you watching a lot of movies by the way?

    On another note i love the way you describe every event in detail 😀

    Ani I do not wish to get rid of them. Dreams are signals from our subconscious ,They do not scare me at all. No I am not watching any movies .you check the dreams I have posted in this category. I have been seeing them since a was knee high.


  2. I got totally lost in your dreams 🙂
    Looks like a jumble of things, travel, movies and Milk…

    Maybe you have the soul of some Rajasthani woman in you….hahah

    I know I sound creepy 😛

    🙂 Creepy.. lol If you know me I am much more into creepy things than you can ever imagine . Maybe there is a past life connection. I will have to make a trip to Raj. soon 🙂
    I don’t know why Gul came into picture but other factors seem familiar


  3. That sure was a jumbled dream! But i can just imagine your terror as you run, having run and even flown like a bird from seena dn unseen dangers in my own crazy dreams! Dream on, you might just get a story plot form one of them, as Rajlakshmi says


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  5. We all know that most dreams are symbolic in nature…however, it is also interesting to note sometimes these dreams could be forward looking as well..ie premonition.So many times we have been in a situation where we feel the deja vu effect.

    sometimes dreams are imagined.yes just like we create stories, our brains create a story of a distinct possibility or probability.

    all said and done – it is a fascinating experience…good or bad.


  6. It was a like a historical tale !!! My God, Tikuli, even I’ve weird dreams sometimes, but have never made an account like this.

    Even I cant understand those dreams. Wish I could.

    LOL @ Gul Panag !!!! 🙂


  7. Oh they always say dreams reflect what u see/ think abt etc.. Does nt seem so rt .. Havelis, Gul, Mother Diary?

    For sometime nw, I keep dreaming that I hv to write an exam and am nt prepared for it or am prepared for a wrong paper 😉


  8. Hi TIKULI,,,
    from following you on twitter i reached here….
    Read your dream….a perfect mystery movie plot..
    …Dreams are generally what we see in our concious mind. Some info or images or say event somehow get memorised by our subconcious mind into bits and pieces. In state of deep sleep,sometime all which is allready there fragmented into pieces make one interwoven movie and play into your mind….
    I believe this could be a possible mechanism to wash away all which you have subconciously stored in your mind and that is why generally we often see a new set of events in our dream…In your case may be your long wished desire to visit Rajasthan and old haveli makes it reoccuring phenomenon same as my reoccuring dream of im dying in a helicopter crash..the reason of this reoccurence into my mind is my childhood dream of being a helicopter pilot…
    Hope this helps..


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