Seven Random Things About me – A Fun Tag :)

The tag bug visits again.What exactly is tagging ?

Tagging v. A  gripping game played in the Blogosphere where bloggers link with each other for no apparent reason. From  The International dictionary of Blogosphere.

( stolen definitions are always the sweetest 😉  just like stolen kisses)

Zephyr Tagged me to do this Tag long time back and somehow it kept getting postponed. What are the seven random things I want to share with you all ? Well most of my friends know most of the things about me but still I will try to add some flavor to it.

Read and discover.

1. I am a magnet for troubled souls or as my elder one says for ” dukhi aatmas “.

It is a privilege , a curse, a boon I do not know how you will feel but I know that many a times I feel that I am the chosen one for listening to the people with broken hearts, troubled marital life, domestic problems ranging from the homes of my domestic help to those of my friends, frustrated people disappointed with life and many more who need a shoulder to cry on. They come and pour out their hearts ( to the annoyance of the entire family) and I feel like sitting behind the curtain in a confession box saying .” lay bare your soul and become light-hearted). The new addition to the dukhi atma group are young love birds for whom I turn into a love guru. Sigh !!

Oh yes , the virtual ones. Poor souls. I feel very strongly for my virtual troubled souls and jokes apart I do feel blessed that I can bring some solace into their lives even if it is for some short period. It  is a responsible job and trust me  very difficult too.  The worse thing is I get so emotionally involved with each one of those troubled souls that in the end myself become One big dukhi aatma .

Well ! Each one of us has some purpose to serve on this planet earth. Maybe this is one of the things I have to do before I conk off.

2. I am youngest of the three kids in the house.

🙂 This makes me very happy and my hubby very concerned. As if it was not enough to have two brats that he got blessed with an absolutely crazy child woman. It is fun to relive the childhood with my boys. they tease, play, scold ( oh yes) 😦  and bond so well with me. I feel loved and so warm from within to have such strong-willed , loving sons who are my best buddies too. The eldest of us three kids  is actually the youngest. ( my second son) and the elder one actually is almost my age. lol

Confusing ?

Kids think I am a chinky gansta when I dress up in low waist three quarters and carelessly thrown in Tee. They tower over me so I become choti matee or small ma or hamster when I curl in and make funny faces while reading or working on my laptop. It is fun. Fun because we have bridged that generation gap and think alike even though we all know where to draw the line.

Many of their friends are my buddies too and think I am a ” cool mom ‘  and that feels good. At least some one appreciates.

we play, go bonkers at night ( we are night creatures), have our own secret language, we are complete foodies, love to watch horror movies, Adi and I are totally into spirits, werewolves, ghosts, supernatural and he being the elder one provides all the major info on each subject. I am just a student. Sometime we just go crazy and laugh till our tummy aches.  It is a circus out here and we all go paglot and suglot which of course is not at all appreciated by the man of the house but them life is all about living it to the fullest.

I have been able to realise and relive many of my childhood things just by letting my inner child walk along with me, absolutely free.

It also helps me forget the pain and hurt of a life I lead.

3. I hate it when people interrupt mid sentence and start telling their own story and then try to finish the sentence  for you every time you open your mouth, and it happens with me all the time. It is the most irritating annoying thing I know of.For heaven’s sake can one have one uninterrupted statement. Stop reading people’s mind.

4. I speak and write  for a change . Although I am not always able to bring that much-needed change in my life and maybe I am not that tough to stand up against all that I go through in my home I think my opinion counts and one more voice against the issues which are usually pushed under the carpet or need our support to bring a change in the mindset of people  is important.

Be it Marital rape, child abuse, crime against women or men, guy rights, sex education or any such issue

you can read them all here  Writing for a change

5. I love to draw on a  fogged up mirror . It is one thing my son loves too so many a times we leave messages for each other to decode and its fun. I usually make a graffiti or leave a quote or an emoticon like a heart or devil depending on my mood. Talking of moods, it is also a place to vent your feelings 🙂 . try it

6. I am a chocoholic and never ever share my chocolates with anyone. I love  dark bitter chocolates, After eight and orange flavor are my favorite apart from the liquor filled ones .uuuummmm

Give me some bars of chocolates and a few books and I can live forever on that. Of course a laptop can be an added delight just in case I feel like blogging. Netaddict that I am.

7. some more random stuff

I love snakes, raptors, spiders, insects and all that the nature offers. I feel that we should open our heart to all that is around us and connect with it. I feel that we are all free-floating souls and once in while our heartstrings get attached with some one some where whom we have never seen and yet we seem to feel the pull. I feel that the universe has immense power and if we trust the process of life it guides us and we are able to decode its signals. I rely on my gut instincts and believe that the  inner instincts are alway right. Society for me is double-faced so I make my own choices and as far as possible do not give in to so-called ” social” norms , values, pressures. That is what I teach my kids. Worshipping God for me is loving and respecting oneself and the life in general.

All those reading this please consider yourself tagged .

6 thoughts on “Seven Random Things About me – A Fun Tag :)

  1. Thanks for doing the tag. And oh, it was a revealing post into your psyche all right. It is wonderfrul to know that you offer a free shoulder to all the dukhi aatmas around! the key is to remain detached like you say.

    Drawing on fogged mirrors? I do that too!

    Here to wishing the child woman more power to her pen/fingers and all the best with her ‘youngest’ status. May you remain so all your life. It is the best way to connect with your inner child.

    Love you Tikuli!

    I love you too. Wish I could connect with you on personal level too. Got so much to share. I wanted to make this a light reading and yet give out a message so put a link too. We do have so much in common.
    Thank you so much for your love and blessings Zephyr. See what I meant by connecting heartstrings across the universe .hugs


  2. lots of interesting information there!
    I especially loved the pic with snake.. i love them too..

    I am glad there are so many people who love snakes. They need protection and it would be great if bloggers cared


  3. The sounding board, the agony aunt to her beleaguered friends and colleagues.

    A chocoholic for life.

    Don’t we all hate motormouths with poor listening skills.

    Yes we do 🙂 .. thanks for visiting my blog. keep dropping by


  4. Whaaaaat ??? You love snakes, raptors, spiders, insects and all that the nature offers ????? OMG !!!! That pic really scares the shit out of me !!!!

    But, I totally relate to your #2. Both of us are so similar in this. In our home, we 3 girls are children to my husband. And we are a great team. We talk abt anything and everything.

    Magnet for Dukhi aatma ???? LOL, Tikuli, some of us have it in us, I believe. But ppl like you are so much in demand becos of the wonderful quality called listening. While all the others keep running behind time and career, it takes ppl like you to really listen. I love you for this. 🙂

    Beautifully written tag. 🙂

    Thanks so much Uma for this heartwarming comment. hehehe Let’s meet and I will show you why these nature stuff delights me. 😀 and it is not just me , my elder one too loves snakes n all there are some pix I think in one of the posts. check out.

    Isn’t it fun to be kids 😀 the thought makes me grin .. wish I had a daughter 😦

    Yea listening quality. sometimes I think being the chosen one has left me with no one to listen to me .. but then I am happy. 🙂


  5. Your noble and loving approach to yr. #i random thing about you is wonderful. You are a good ear, and I bet that this random thing is no secret. I imagine it is quite obvious to the people you meet, real life or cyber.
    It’s very important work
    listening and administering to those that so need it.
    I’ve always thought of it as a touch of diviity
    to understand & empathise with the So Human
    that we all share. Someone who cares.
    thanx for sharing &
    Keep on, in yr writing
    and your caring.


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