Cool Chameleon : Some pix

These chameleon photographs were taken during my visit to Corbett National Park. I will be sharing some of my nature pix with all of you. I am sure some friends have seen the handsome fellow in my Albums. He posed for us and remarkably changed from grey to magnificent orange. Chameleon’s tongue is twice the size of its body.

Chameleon hour

Look at him basking in his brilliant camouflage. Tempting , Isn’t it?

stage two

The fluidity of one form flowing into the other if not many. Did you know it not only has the ability to change color but also to move each eye independently.

Envious are you?

I love, reptiles, I love talons and webs. Most people run away from bugs and insects but I find them amusing and very interesting. Many of these animals are dying due to misconceptions about them. Open your heart to Nature’s creations, they all have a right to love.

Protect the flora and fauna

6 thoughts on “Cool Chameleon : Some pix

  1. How did you create the explore this page? With the number of posts in each category!

    Thank you IHM . Make a trip to the ridge sometime when the weather gets fine. you will find amazing insects and other things there. Worth all the effort. Although not much of the Delhi ridge is remaining now.
    I had a category option with the theme I just changed the name to explore these and added new categories. each time I post I add it to the category I want. simple.


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  3. Though I rather stay away from reptiles, ever since the photography bug has bitten me I have been ogling at photos precisely like yours in the hope that I too could click similar pics! Did get a chance recently but my cat got to it first so it didn’t really matter!

    There will be more such chances Nishant 🙂 keep your eyes open and camera handy. I like anything and everything that nature wants us to observe. I love to capture the spirit of life even in the tiniest of them. Good luck to you


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