Poem : Under the Bruised Sky

For the last time

just before we parted

wrapped in silence

I sit across the table

dewy eyes, head bowed

mourning the love

he had slowly killed

averting his gaze

there at our favorite joint

I eat my dreams,

promises, hopes and desires

Words turn stranger

as a surge of memories

the bitter  hot coffee

scalds my tongue

I struggle to cope

with the ending

so ruthlessly imposed on me

Everything was beautiful untill

the darkness of familiarity and ego

began to cast their shadows

Each time I looked at him

I saw myself

through him I began to understand life

He gave meaning to my identity

I was more of me when with him

than with myself

I found and lost myself in him

and never found again

and then

I lost him


sitting under the cold, wet, bruised sky

I wonder

did I lose because he was he

or because

I was I ?

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10 thoughts on “Poem : Under the Bruised Sky

  1. Tikuli,

    You do have a talent, a way with words. Very beautifully expressed emotions that we usually are trying to supress.

    May God Bless you and may you keep writing till the end of time.


  2. Thanks girls 🙂 . am glad my poetry is being appreciated. I wish my muse returns for some happy poems as well. do keep reading. I write what I feel , each poem is a part of my life.


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