A Life Unfolds At My Home : Slideshow

WordPress has started a new feature of slide show and I wanted to try it. These pictures of life unfolding at my home are from my other writing site. Took them last August when a pair of noisy Mynahs made their love nest in my store window. We decided to capture the journey from egg to fledglings and even made a small movie.

For us nature lovers it was yet another opportunity to discover the beautiful life of my favorite bird. This is the second time we were honored my their presence.

The nest is made of twigs, plastic sheets , cloth pieces, and much more . The eggs are pale blue and normally four to five in number.

Finally one egg hatches and a new life unfolds after 18 days of incubation. The new born are Jealously guarded by the new mother.

Mynahs are noisy and most of the time understand humans I believe. I do a lot of talking to them and they have a very specific way of responding. One should listen to them when in a group.  Amazing. Some people in Punjab call them Katari

due to their sharp tongue. katari means a small sharp knife.

After almost 25 days they are hungry and put up their beaks every time the mother calls.

Almost 30 days and now the activity is much more although their eyes are still shut to the outside world. They have started responding in sweet little voices.

Unfortunately we went out of station for a few days and found the nest empty when we came back so the last stag pictures are missing.

Will be sharing  some more posts like this one every wednesday now.

Have fun !!

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10 thoughts on “A Life Unfolds At My Home : Slideshow

  1. My god!!! Not a feather yet… they look like embryos! And imagine lining the nest with plastic!!

    They are really helpless at this stage…

    🙂 I knew you will like them IHM , the next step was to capture the feathered friends but could not 😦 never mind I plan to put up bird houses this time and film


  2. thanks for informing the new feature @ wordpress AND these are awesome pics 🙂 beautiful !!

    My pleasure Nu . keep coming back for more


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