Insectifest : Stunning visitors at my home

The heat wave is killing, the temperature is rising every day and strong hot dusty winds blow mercilessly  all day ..That’s Delhi for you and  it is just the beginning of the summer season. I am missing the April Showers but then with every change in climate something beautiful comes out.

Yesterday while working on some matter for my post I realized that I have company . A beautiful insect I had never seen before. Stunning colors and amazingly swift. I had no time to take out my camera and the handy one was the Sony Cybershot.

Here are some pix I managed to take. I wish someone would tell me the name of this remakable beauty.

The insect was so quick that it flew off while clicking the pix. After an hour or so yet another found its way in the glass kept near the bed and got confused as it could not find the way out. Quickly we took some pix and then it fell on the floor and vanished somewhere.

Do tell me the names if you know. There are some more and I will post the pix as I catch them .


8 thoughts on “Insectifest : Stunning visitors at my home

  1. The first one is out of the world…Never seen one like it…

    I too saw it for the first time. will find the name somehow. it looked lovelier than it looks here. welcome to my blog Srabony.


  2. The third pic tells me that there is something ‘Spanish’ written on the that so ? do you learn it? It’s something else written ?

    oh and creatures ? Never seen them before but God’s own world and HIS creatures 🙂

    I did intensive diploma in Spanish Nu and my younger son took it as third language in school . The paper is from his notebook with some HW and phone numbers :D


  3. I have never seen this insect looks quiet different than other ugly looking species 😉

    There are no ugly species Mavrickshree 🙂 they all are beautiful in their own way . Trust me


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