These Are a Few of My Favorite Sounds

I usually love the silence around me. The sounds of silence are my favorites. When your soul is calm and you cut yourself off from the noise around you, then you are able to hear the inner sounds, sounds that float through your memory like a light cotton cloud.

Sounds of years gone by, of shared laughter and joy, of small little things that touched your heart and went back in time like the waves of the ocean. I call them sounds of silence. The sound of the night is the best example I can give for it is my top favorite.

While searching for something to write I stumbled upon this title and smiled silently. Many sounds are my favorites. Some from the bygone years and others part of my daily life.

I remember how a train whistle took me to a magical land and I rushed to the window, my ears glued to the faint sound which slowly increased. The rhythmic sound of the moving train never ceases to trill me. I think there is something haunting about it especially if it is cutting through a misty morning or a foggy night.

Thunder, lightning and rain have always been one of my favorites. The way the drama of sound and light unfolds in the sky and the raindrops fall on different things makes it seem like a great musical. The thunder like applause and the rain drops falling as the beats of various percussion instruments. The sound effect is really is amazing.

I love the sounds of the woods especially in the early morning and late evenings. A walk in the woods may open your senses to sounds you have never heard before. It really is an enchanting experience, the sound of the crickets, of leaves rustling in the wind, the dry pine needles cracking under your feet, the flapping of wings of birds hidden in the thick foliage, sudden footsteps of some animal and many more.

Have you ever heard someone play a flute in the stillness of night? I love that sweet melodious sound that reaches deep inside your soul.

The sound of a mountain river is awe-inspiring and there is always a variation in it depending on from where it is flowing. I love the sound it makes as it gushes through the boulders and ravines.

Some sounds from the everyday world that we live in always thrill me and are my favorites.

Sound of motorbikes zipping past is awesome, especially the sports bikes. I find it very seductive.

Popping corns give out the most delicious sound ever produced. I love the pop sound that they make. There is always a mystery behind them. No one knows when the next one will pop and I love the suspense it creates.
The sound of a sizzler I another of my favorite food sounds. The sizzling sounds it so tempting and inviting.

Another of my favorite sound is the bells of temples and churches. They sound so cheerful and welcoming at times and so soulful and serene at others.
The crackle of wood as it burns in a campfire is such a delight. It always evokes fond memories of happy times spent around a campfire with friends and family.

There are many other sounds, which often bring a smile on my lips like the sound of anklets around the feet of little babies, the gurgling sounds babies make when happy, tearing sound of a paper (I loved to do that as a kid) and the ring of the phone when you are expecting a call from a loved one.
They all hold a special place in my heart and though I hate noise, I prefer the sounds that linger in my memories.


8 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Sounds

  1. Sounds make our life more interesting to live. And with every sound we have a story to tell, right ???

    If Silence can be felt, that is the profound sound for the soul.

    Love the baby sounds, temple bells, the flowing river !!!

    And for the hungry me, the cooker whistle is so lovely. And the tadka is music, esp I love the splitter splatter of mustards.

    :)Yea so true, if I think of more sounds I love many more , the brook, the temple, church bells in the hills, yea.


  2. I love the chirping of birds…early in the morning…

    Also, turning of key in the lock…which means hubby is home πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ I like that one. thanks for visiting and commenting


  3. Aww this is such a beautiful post … most of them figure on my list too πŸ™‚

    I so luved even the small things u hv brought out while writing this one … the mystery of the popping corns is a prize catch!

    πŸ™‚ welcome back Swaram. some things are priceless, aren’t they?


  4. Love the picture you paint with each of those sounds… It was a wonderful experience, reading this…

    Love those sounds too… esp the pop corn on a cosy night πŸ™‚ with the kids espcially, and their sounds of delight!

    πŸ™‚ thank you Usha .keep visiting .


  5. Hmmmm what sounds i like? Never seriously thought about it atleast oflate till i read your post…. morning chirping of birds early morning when we are half awake… suprabhatam music from the temple… huh thats all i could think of now? Holy cow! I need to start observing the sounds that bring me cheers/peace of mind/smile….

    HI Lakshmi welcome to my blog πŸ™‚
    yea I love the suprabhatam music too .. yes open up to the universe .. it is bliss


  6. Sound of splashing water, of rains, of waves & even of the running tap sometimes, is soothing,
    sound of all kind of birds chirping during an otherwise quiet morning walk is refreshing,
    then there are times i feel so comfortable with the sound of fan that i keep it on even on winter nights and cover my head with the quilt..

    same applies to some aromas and as I write the comment I cant help but think about textures and tastes and sights too.. n that makes the gift of senses so precious… n blessed are we to be able to enjoy these gifts.

    New to your blog Tikuli, browsing thru your latest posts and just felt like saying a hello!!

    you make me smile πŸ™‚
    Welcome to my blog Tara. do keep visiting and leave your views too, they help me improve.


  7. I go with the temple bells and morning sounds of chirping birds! I love baby talk — in any language! it is the loveliest sound you can hear!

    Telephone rings always make me jump though. Like you, I otherwise love the sounds of silence, which is not silence at all, but a myriad sounds we fail to hear otherwise!


  8. A very beautiful post πŸ˜€
    I was literally nodding my head in agreement as I read trough your fabulous list, most of them are on mine too πŸ™‚

    I love sound of stillness of air early in the mornings and as the chirping of the birds gently tears through the solemn silence the magic escalates.

    Keep up the wonderful work πŸ™‚



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