These Are a Few of My Favorite Smells

It is a wonder how certain smells can bring a smile on our faces and some others can repulse us completely. Lying down on the fresh grass in the garden surrounded by the spring flowers, I thought about all the smells that make me nostalgic or just simply happy.

Smells can be weird at times; they can be imaginary or associated with some fond memory or a certain person, thing, food or place.

Here are few of my favorite smells and maybe yours too.

Have you walked down the winding paths in the woods during long summer days? I love the intoxicating smell of sweet pine that lingers in the senses for a long time.

The parched earth gives out the most divine fragrance when the first summer shower touches it. The smell of wet earth is one of my all time favorites.

Narcissus blooms are the prettiest and smell divine. The Shirish (Rain tree) has delicate yellow flowers that smell delicious. Lavender blooms or even dried lavender flowers have a very erotic and intoxicating fragrance. I love to use them as essential oil, soap or body rub.

Hay, especially wet hay has a beautiful smell and I remember what fun it used to be to lie on a pile of hay reading a book or just playing around it.

I love the smell of campfire and the burning wood. The wood smoke always has a magical effect on me.

Many fragrances from nature bring back the nostalgic moments.

I love some of the weird smells that many people may find.

Shoe polish, petrol, certain detergents, markers, fresh paint, varnish, phenol, naphthalene balls, the smell of a new leather shoe, etc are a few examples of some strange things that smell great to me.

Coffee has one of the most inviting fragrances. I often wonder why coffee houses attract so many people. It is the smell of fresh coffee, which lures them and keeps them captive in the coffee shop. I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

I also love the cinnamon and nutmeg and the oven fresh breads. In fact, the aroma of freshly baked bus, muffins, pies all make me drool.

Chocolates in any form, especially dark bitter orange flavored are a treat for me. They smell divine and taste great.

Lemon grass has a very delicious fragrance and is very smoothing to the senses. I love many of the herbs and spices for their exquisite fragrance. Cloves and apples simmering on the stove give out the ultimate fragrance and is one of my most loved smells.

There are some smells or fragrances associated with memories, and one of my favorites is my mother’s clothes in a wooden box. The clove scented crisp cottons or vibrant silk saris take me back to my mom’s lap when I smell them or even think of them.

Thinking of someone special fills me with some unexplained sweet fragrance. I call it the “love smell.” It warms me up and lingers in my thoughts and dreams.

Quilts, aftershave, certain perfumes like Gardenia, old books all smell wonderful. I also love the smell of horses though it may seem bizarre to many people.

Last but not the least, something that I have loved since I was a baby … the smell of my soft feather pillow.


6 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Smells

  1. I second you completely…I too love smell of petrol, varnish, wet earth(all time fav) … and many similar ones like you!!!!

    OMG!!! r u my twin sister from kumbh ka mela??? lolz…

    jokes apart… smells indeed are so crucial!!! they can make u fall for someone or can totally repel u from someone…

    to add to it..I also love the smell of just cooked hot rice … when the cooker-lid is opened!!!

    aah.. i m hungry!!!!:D

    great post!!! 😀

    LOL yes may be we are . 😀 I am half maharashtriyan so it seems a possibility. why don’t you too do a post on this. enjoy!! thanks for visiting and commenting. keep coming here


  2. OK !! One sound ka and the other smell ka. WOW !!! What an idea, Tikuli. 🙂

    Used to like the paint / varnish / petrol smells – but gives me a headache now. Actually any strong smell troubles me – even some perfumes.

    I love the baking oven’s smell – thats what inspires me to bake more. I love it to fill my home all the time.

    The smell of a nice panneer or chicken sabzi simmering away / the grilling kababs, are such a welcome smell to any place. I love it. – What to do, I am always after food. 😉

    I do agree with that love smell – the smell of comfort and happiness.

    😀 I wish all my friends would do these posts and then we can have lotsa sounds and smells to compare and share.. 🙂 .. you make my mouth water.. Barbecue smells and crackles are great I love the ripe jack fruit smell and the rasbhari smell too. don’t know what it’s called in English. it has an intoxicating fragrance. may be Cape Gooseberry.


  3. There are some smells or fragrances associated with memories – u r so rt! The smell which emanated from the cooking of rice @ my grandma’s 🙂 I ws very young then but its so well registered in my mind 🙂

    I have so many memories from granny’s home , priceless. I shud write about them I think.


  4. Onion being fried, wet earth, motiya flowers, khas, vanilla and yes hot freshly cooked rice! Nice one

    yes motia is intoxicating esp at night. I love the parijat flower fragrance too.


  5. motiya *sigh* bliss!:)
    Have motia itra that I use like a kanjoos 😀

    The smell of chai on some crazy work loaded afternoon makes me yearn…

    Love the bheeni bheeni saundhi mehak of mitti on the first day of monsoons:)
    (you love it too na?):)

    Love this post…
    yes..very true…each smell has some memory associated with it…

    the smell of petrol makes me think of my childhood days when dad would come home from office on his Vijai Super Scooter 🙂

    PS:-And *ahem* the smell of aftershave 😉

    *giggles* 😛


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