Easter Poem

Happy Easter

Adieu to winter’s silvery sprays

Hail to the spring that’s fair

Blooming flowers spread joy and cheer

for once again Easter is here.

Rainbow colored Easter eggs

chocolate filled bunnies,

ocean full of jelly beans

and bees collecting honey.

A sky full of fluffy clouds

and Tulips wearing bright gold hats

Easter lilies fragrant white

pure and bending low

praying with their open hearts

in the sun’s afterglow.

The Easter feeling never ends

and there’s always a new beginning

a promise of a brand new life

of friendship, peace and giving.

So let us rejoice

in the power of love

the love that’s deep within

The love that’s for everyone

like a magic force unseen.

Let’s give our prayers

some extra time

let’s spread the kindness,

joy and peace.

let us gather all our friends

and with joy let us say

“Wishing all the near and dear

a joyous Easter Day.”

Image courtesy Google images

5 thoughts on “Easter Poem

  1. Charmed by this entire space, and the poem, and the writes, of such variety 🙂 It’s like fairyland! Delicious 🙂 And an apt name, for the writer 🙂

    First time here, from IHM’s, but will be back 🙂 Am a fan!

    Hi Usha
    welcome to my blog. It is a pleasure . Will visit yours too. I have been reading your views on IHM’s blog. The feeling of appreciation is mutual. Thanks a ton. Do come back and leave your heartprints


  2. Hey tikulicious, this is Rajib. I just stumbled your blog and found quite interesting stuffs out here and particularly your poems. It’s a delight to read your poems. Carry on with such nice posts. Will return soon to visit your site. Belated Happy Easter !


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